HTML {Hyper Text Markup Language} in Context With WordPress

Today we are going to start our article with What is HTML? then we will discuss What does it do? and What is it used for?

So let’s start by first understanding What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Hyper Text refers to the fact that HTML makes it so that you can click on links in web pages and the word Markup language means, just something that you use to mark up normal English to indicate things i.e. a normal web page.

In WordPress, the entire page uses HTML to tell the browser what to do with all this text like tables, images etc. These are not always important but for sometimes it is important. On any web page on your browser which can be any browser, if you right click, you will view page source and see all that HTML.

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Note that it is not compulsory to know all that HTML. In this article, we will discuss what is important in the context of the WordPress. So let’s begin:

If you are used to WordPress then you must be knowing the admin area of WordPress which is a normal content area. This area is also sometimes referred to as an area which is “What you see is what you get”.

Let’s see an example, if you want to make a word bold or darker than previous then you are required to first highlight it and then click Bold Button and so now it looks Bold. Assume that this word is a heading, then you can resize it etc using this editor.

Now we are going to look at some information about HTML! Let’s consider the previous example in which we turned a word into Bold. Now when we do that have you will observe that it gets wrapped in some HTML tags called Strong HTML which normally comes in two tags: An opening tag and a closing tag. The closing is different because it has a little slash here.

So something really important to know about HTML is that it describes the text that is marking up. If suppose you don’t want this word to be Bold but if you want it to be Strong then you can do that. A strong tag tells the reader to say forcefully whether the word is bold or not.

A header can have a hierarchy to its text, it can be useful for people reading but it is more useful for Google to understand what is going on with your text and it is also useful for screen readers.

There is one more important thing to be noted about HTML is that not all browsers render HTML in the same way. Even in chrome browser, the header size looks the same as paragraph text. But if you go back to the any of your actual post then you will note that it’s a lot bigger than the paragraph text. Also, it is important to note that not all the browsers show things the same way.

So you can’t count on HTML to make this larger and bold. You are simply using HTML to describe it as a header size 4 and the browser will take care of what to do with that. In some cases, it makes it bold but in some cases, it doesn’t.

Consider that there is a table in your post and if you go to text mode you will see table, table body and table row etc. and in the HTML the image starts with img. and then there is a class which tells you where the image is on the internet.

There are some more tags like alt tag, width and height tag etc. so that the browser knows ahead of time how big this image is going to be. Learning a little bit about how HTML works can save you a lot of time sometime in the future.

Let’s summarize what we have learned  so far :

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and that means it is a language intended to mark up normal English into Hypertext and originally hypertext simply meant that you could click it but now it means all sorts of things like declaring headers and tables and images etc.

HTML describes the purpose of text then it is up to the web browser to know what to do with that text.

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