How To Check Email Disk Usage – Explained By Hostripples

blog - September 17 , 2018

In the previous blog, we discussed how to set up Calendars and Contacts in cPanel. In this blog, we will be discussing Email Disk Usage. Email Disk Usage: If your mailbox is full, then using this feature you can recover the disk space by deleting the old messages from your mailbox. For accessing this feature Read More…

How to synchronise Calendars and Contacts with cPanel

blog - September 14 , 2018

In the previous Blog, we discussed how to set up Boxtrappers feature in cPanel. In today’s Blog, we will be discussing How to set up “Calendars and Contacts in cPanel”. Calendars and Contacts : This feature is useful when you want to access Calendars and Contacts on your devices. For that, you are required to Read More…

Steps For Setting Up BoxTrapper in cPanel

blog - September 12 , 2018

In the previous Blog, we discussed Email Encryption process and how to set it up. In this Blog, we are going to discuss BoxTrapper in cPanel. BoxTrapper : It is used for filtering spam from your inbox i.e. it protects your inbox from spam. In other words, we can say that when a BoxTrapper is Read More…

Setting up Email Encryption in cPanel? Simply Explained

blog - September 10 , 2018

In the previous blogs, we have learned how to set up an Email Address Importer and also how to set up Email Authentications. In this Blog, we will be discussing Email Encryption as mentioned above. Email Encryption:- It uses a publicly available encryption scheme that uses public key approach is called as GnuPG. Using GnuPG Read More…

How To Set Up Email Spam Filters in cPanel Explained

blog - September 8 , 2018

For managing the settings of the spam filters for your email accounts, this tool is used. It identifies the bulk emails more commonly called “Spam”. It then sends it to a separate folder i.e. Spam Box or automatically deletes it from your account. For accessing this tool: Log into your cPanel >> Email >> Spam Read More…

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blog - July 24 , 2014

We just don’t sales Shared Hosting we Provide Protection to your data and enable the power of optimizing your website which not only Helps you to bring your business online and stable but also stands your website aside from the crowd. What make us differ from the other unstable cheap hosting ? We use our Read More…

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$2 Windows Unlimited Web Hosting

blog - July 25 , 2014

$2 Windows Unlimited Web Hosting We offer a range of reliable, affordable hosting plans to suit any requirement or budget, all accounts are activated INSTANTLY following payment, so you’ll be able to get started right away. Hostripples currently has a special limited time offer for Windows Shared Hosting in which you get your 10% Off Read More…

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Best Reseller Hosting

blog - March 17, 2018

Best Reseller Hosting Hostripples Gives you best out from its Featured “Best Reseller Hosting” options. Keeping into mind that when you buy the reseller hosting you have already started your own small scale business! Wondered how ?. Yes, As you are enable to access Strong extendable infrastructure in backend which is supporting your reseller hosting Read More…

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