Manage your software RAIDs

blog - January 12 , 2018

RAID: You must know about RAIDs if you are in hosting industry. As client or as an server admin. As a client, we must have idea about various types of RAIDs with their functionality and advantages-disadvantages then n then only we can choose best server hardware for us. Sysadmin must know the RAID administration part, to Read More…

Attracta’s Free High-powered SEO Tools to Shared hosting.

blog - December 13 , 2017

Want to do online business? Want to incease your presence on the net? SEO…SEO…SEO is the only solution for your websites. To increase the google ranking, need to do SEO first. Google, Yahoo and Bing etc are most popular search engines. Every search engines want to see mobile-friendly design, good server response time with low bounce Read More…

Adult Video Streaming Hosting

blog - November 30 , 2017

Video streaming is one of the most popular and demanding hosting in the industry. We are an Official AVS Hosting partner, we’ve designed our Adult Video Script Hosting plans to meet all of the requirements with adult video script. Its very Fast and Reliable AVS hosting is what we’re known for. All plans come pre-configured Read More…

MongoDB Introduction with Installation

blog - November 17 , 2017

How to Install MongoDB on Centos 7 ? Introduction: It is one of the poplar opensource document-oriented database that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling.   MongoDB provide following important key features, High Performance Rich Query Language High Availability Horizontal Scalability Multiple Storage Engine   Installation steps: 1. By defualt MongoDB does not Read More…

How To Enable mod_deflate in CentOS Web Panel

blog - October 18 , 2017

How To Enable mod_deflate {gzip compression} Apache module in CentOS Web Panel {CWP} mod_deflate is use to compress the data before sending it to client end. It is an apache module which is useful in order to save the bandwidth as it compresses the data. By default mod_deflate {gzip compression} is disable in CenOS Web Read More…

$1 hosting


Trusted $1 Hosting with Unlimited features

blog - July 24 , 2014

We just don’t sales Shared Hosting we Provide Protection to your data and enable the power of optimizing your website which not only Helps you to bring your business online and stable but also stands your website aside from the crowd. What make us differ from the other unstable cheap hosting ? We use our Read More…

cheap hosting

$2 Windows Unlimited Web Hosting

blog - July 25 , 2014

$2 Windows Unlimited Web Hosting We offer a range of reliable, affordable hosting plans to suit any requirement or budget, all accounts are activated INSTANTLY following payment, so you’ll be able to get started right away. Hostripples currently has a special limited time offer for Windows Shared Hosting in which you get your 10% Off Read More…

Cheap Shared Hosting


7 Steps to Switching Your Hosting Provider Without Having Any Downtime

blog - April 25, 2017

What an exemplary world it would be where our businesses would be running smoothly, no worries about switching web hosts – where the site’s hosting provider offers amazing load times, really low costs and 100% uptime! Unfortunately, this perfect scenario rarely – if ever – exists. Switching to a new host can be a complicated process. Read More…

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