Bandwidth Limit Exceeded: Unsuspend it.


If domain is giving the error of “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” you can unsuspend it from WHM or terminal as well.

From WHM :

To bring the website back online or un-suspend the bandwidth exceed-er, use the option
WHM >> Account Functions >> Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeders >> click “Proceed”.

This will reset the bandwidth usage to zero for the account. To increase the bandwidth limit for the account, use the option

WHM >> Account Information >> “View Bandwidth Usage”

From Shell :

vi /var/cpanel/users/USERNAME
change BWLIMIT (Increase the value)
cd /var/cpanel/bwlimited/

remove the files related to that user or domain 
rename the fies with suffix _bk

This will bring the website back online..

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