Features to be noted before selecting any web hosting company.

Once the designing and development of your website is completed, then the most important part that needs to be completed is to look for a web hosting company which will fulfil all your needs. I am trying to provide you features which I look for before registering with a web hosting company. I hope they […]

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5 SEO Advantages of Switching to HTTPS

With Google considering HTTPS an important factor your ranking boost, the time has come to make a switch for your website: from HTTP to HTTPS,┬áconsidering the benefits it will have on SEO What is so different in this – just an additional ‘s’. But this additional ‘s’ is something that adds security to your website, […]

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How to Host your Website?

The web is a whole bunch of interconnected computers talking to each other either through phone lines, digital satellite signals, cable, and other types of data-transfer mechanisms by which they are connected. The computers that are connected all the time are typically what is called a server. Servers are computers just like the one you’re […]

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