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Error :: Can’t Fetch Perl Modules

Error :: Can’t Fetch Perl Modules in your WHM at “Main >> Software >> Install a Perl Module >> Show Available Perl Module(s) ” Reason :: In most cases Low memory to process cPanel processes. You can check the exact logs at :: /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log Solution :: Increasing cPanel Process memory, to increase this memory follow […]

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ERROR: Could not append message to INBOX.Sent.

While sending email from cPanel webmail following error appearing. ERROR: Could not append message to INBOX.Sent. Server responded: [alert] Cannot create message – no write permission or out of disk space. FIX: Check if tmp directory is present under directory /home/cPanel-Username/mail/Domain-Name/email-account-username/.Sent If not then create it and change ownership for directory tmp to cPanel-Username.cPanel-Username Note: […]

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