HostAdvice reviews Hostripples ‘Top Shared Hosting Services for 2021’

And as it says “Hard Work pays off”, Hostripples is awarded and gets reviews as the top 10 shared hosting companies 2021 across the web by “HostAdvice” a leading hosting service review site.   HostAdvice is a trusted symbol of unbiased, honest, and applies the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. It has an […]

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data center at fire

OVH Data Center at Strasbourg on fire takes 3 million+ sites offline

10 March 2021 A Black day for OVH’s Strasbourg Data Center (SBG-2) as out of 4 Buildings, SBG2 was caught on fire which destroyed the Servers and web hosting data center Infrastructure completely. Firefighters were in place immediately, however, it was too late for SBG2 to be rescued, and the fire had destroyed the facility […]

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Starting Your Web Hosting Business During This Corona Pandemic.

When things came up at, you want to start a hosting business, and if you don’t have enough money to invest into it like to buy a server or to set up a lab and all facility due to corona pandemic, etc, in such a case Hostripples provides you an option of Reseller hosting from […]

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