Dedicated Server, VPS or Dedicated Server? Know which is good for your Business, Hostripples Web Hosting

VPS or Dedicated Server? Know which is good for your Business

Earning a good profit is the ultimate aim of any business. But many of the businesses fail due to wrong decision making or improper planning. This too applies to the online businesses. In order to promote their business, a number of traditional businesses are switching to online platforms or to increase the reach of targeted customers. The increase of online platforms has resulted in a spectacular rise in websites, apps or similar other platforms. With an increase in the above-mentioned platforms, the necessity of web hosting servers has also increased as it is the one important thing that determines your online growth. This blog will help you to know what type of server you need for your website.

First of all, let us understand What are the different types of Web Hosting?

VPS or Dedicated Server? Know which is good for your Business, Hostripples Web Hosting

Shared Hosting Service: A shared room for a Fresher.

Shared hosting service is similar to sharing a single apartment, allowing you to access through a shared address with the sharing of RAM and CPU. It just helps to lower the cost that you were to bear for owing separate webspace. If you are unaware of this virtual world this terms to be the doorstep for you where you can learn the nuances of the field and create what you desire for.

VPS hosting: One-stop ahead of the shared hosting.

The Virtual Private Server is like an Apartment, sharing one physical server but with separate virtual machines. It is like a mid-step between shared and dedicated hosting. Making it more reliable and safe.

Dedicated Hosting: For the Big League Players.

Like a big multi-story office all for yourself, a dedicated server is just for your organization. So no worries of a bad or suspected neighbor, so providing you a host of safety measures. At the same time as I said it is for the big league players to have the finance and resource to manage it.

Cloud Hosting: The Future is here.

Cloud Hosting is similar to VPS but just having your site on a virtual machine. Instead of a physical server, your website is a part of different networks of computers. This is called the future of web hosting because of the space crunch and rise in demand.

In this article, We are going to learn more about two types of hosting:

A.Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

B. Dedicated Server Hosting

Server hosting is an infrastructure delivery model that provides users with remote access to server resources like CPUs, Operating Systems, internet connection,  etc.

Why Server Hosting?

  • Blazing fast.
  • It allows full access to the server.
  • No Security threats caused due to shared hosting. 

AVPS Hosting:

 VPS Full form is  Virtual Private Server and is a virtualized server.

A VPS hosting is the same as shared hosting (Server resources are divided up into smaller shared hosting plans to give users an easy way to have a web presence ) but in this type of hosting  server, resources are allotted to a specific account to minimize the risk of resource contention and degraded service for certain users.

 A VPS hosting is a server, with its own type of operating system and allocated server resources, within a bigger server.

How VPS works?

VPS is a virtual server. These programs allow you to run several virtualized operating systems on one machine. Virtualization is a technique in which one superior server is divided into multiple virtual servers.

Advantages of VPS:

  1. Shared cost of services
  2. Quick server setup
  3. Better server access with more control over the resources
  4. The private environment in which VPS server works
  5. A similar level of services as with a dedicated server

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B. Dedicated Server Hosting:

  “A dedicated server hosting provides the user with full access to all resources on a single, dedicated server.”

dedicated hosting service or a dedicated server is a type of Internet hosting in which the client has access over the entire server & it is not shared with anyone else.

In this type of hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including the choice of an operating system, hardware, resources, You will have to pay for the entire server that is not shared with anyone else. The main benefit of this type of hosting is that you will get complete control over all services. 

But, it is also the most costly hosting option and needs some technical expertise to manage. It is commonly used by those who have websites with specific requirements, like extremely high web traffic, consistently uploading new content and tight security requirements.

Dedicated Server Advantages:

1. Full-power access over resources.

2. More Security from malicious attacks on a server

3. Fast Speed of loading of website

Both VPS and Dedicated Hosting are incredibly effective in data security. They do this through optimized and streamlined configurations, advanced firewalls, tiered data access policies, and strong relationships with security specialists.

Scalability is another parameter that can be compared. That said, it’s important to remember that scalability does work on different levels.

Efficiency: Dedicated Hosting provides fast speed & loads pages of your website as fast as possible

Both have access to exponentially more resources like storage space, RAM, bandwidth, email, name server assets, and many more. All of these can be easily scaled to allow for greater business flexibility. 

Let’s compare VPS Hosting with Dedicated Servers

Parameter VPS Dedicated Server
Scalability More scalable Less Scalable
Speed Higher compared to a shared server Faster site load times & requested response actions.
Security May fail to malicious attacks Dedicated hosting is considered to be safe

How to chose which hosting is best for your business?

It depends on your requirements:

The number of CPU cores required, How much RAM do you want? How much Space or Storage is required?

If a company does not need all of these resources, there is no need to purchase an entire hosting system that is entirely a waste of money. Growing companies with consistent web traffic may find all of the power they need in a VPS environment.

Another consideration is future growth. Is your company looking to scale? Have you quantified this growth for the next five to ten years? Then they must go for Dedicated Hosting.


The server world is ever-changing and constantly evolving. With the enhancement of technology as well as the growing number of security threats, it’s impossible to prepare for everything.

However, by answering the right questions and having an agile technology plan, your server needs should be met.

 If you are looking for the best web hosting service provider then do consider Hostripples and give your feedback regarding this article in the comment section below. I hope you find this article helpful! If you have any suggestions regarding web hosting then you are always welcome.

Thank you for reading the article!

VPS or Dedicated Server? Know which is good for your Business, Hostripples Web Hosting
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