How to find the best web hosting plan for your business?

In today’s world, every business needs a website whether it’s small or big. The study has shown that companies with websites have made enormous growth, as we are living in the internet world, where people are looking on the Internet to discover desired products, services, and businesses-even they first check local businesses by searching on […]

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All About Custom Error Pages

We know – links break, servers may be down, pages go missing or somehow your visitors may land on the terrifying error page. While there’s no exact way to ensure your visitors will never land on an error page, with cPanel – that Hostripples offers with Linux shared hosting and Linux reseller hosting, you can […]

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10 Useful Tools for a SaaS Startup

Startups have a lot going on. The companies that succeed are frequently the ones who locate the most productive and compelling SaaS tools to help develop their business and supplant the several staff individuals they can’t afford to hire. Some are free, many are cheap, and those that do have a higher price tag end […]

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