1. Place the file “cgi-bin/mivavm” in your Apache “cgi-bin” directory.

2. Change the ownership and permissions of the “mivavm” binary with the
following commands:

# chown root.root mivavm
# chmod 4755 mivavm

3. Add the following lines to your “httpd.conf” (or “srm.conf”, if using
an older version of Apache).

SetEnv MvCONFIG_LIBRARY /usr/local/src/mivavm-v5.06/lib/config/env.so
SetEnv MvCONFIG_DIR_MIVA /usr/local/apache/htdocs
SetEnv MvCONFIG_DIR_DATA /usr/local/apache/htdocs/mivadata
SetEnv MvCONFIG_DIR_BUILTIN /usr/local/src/mivavm-v5.06/lib/builtins

AddType application/x-miva-compiled .mvc
Action application/x-miva-compiled /cgi-bin/mivavm

The above lines assume that you have extracted the MIVA Virtual Machine
distribution file into /usr/local/miva, and that your Apache DocumentRoot
is /home/httpd/html

4. You may override any MIVA Virtual Machine configuration directives for a
Virtual Host by placing “SetEnv MvCONFIG_…” directives inside the
<VirtualHost> block.

5. Restart your Apache server.

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