Blank PHP Pages

Blank PHP Pages

You go to a .php page, but it’s blank.

The scope of what can cause blank pages is very broad, but there are a few things to look at:

-Is error reporting turned off anywhere in the script or in the .htaccess? If so, turn it on to see what is happening (php_flag display_errors on), or add the lines at the top of this page into the script.

-Is the PHP script even generating any output (usually you can tell my finding the print function?

-Check the database connection, i.e, username, dbname, user added to db, etc.

-Try using the full <?PHP ?> tags, rather than the shorter versions <? ?>

Also, if the software is prebundled (like phpBB or Gallery), then the index or one of the include pages could be corrupted. Usually you can just replace the problem page with a working version from another installation.


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