Auditd crashing

Auditd crashing

recent problem with RHEL and cPanel causes some servers to crash on a daily or every couple of days basis. The normal symptoms of this sort of crashing are having the server crashing at the same time every time that it crashes. If you are having these problems I would suggest that you go ahead and just disable the auditd for now since the system can run fine without it and it seems to be causing a lot of trouble for some people. The below has worked fine for me on hundreds of servers and should not cause any issues.

chkconfig audit off
service audit stop
ps -ef | grep auditd

You should not see any auditd process running after you run this. If so go ahead and run it again or maybe try killall -9 auditd.

service crond stop
service atd stop
rmmod audit
lsmod | grep audit

There should be no module listed now since we just removed it.

echo “alias char-major-10-224 off” >> /etc/modules.conf
service crond start
service atd start

Hopefully this will help you out. It has solved crashing issues on a few different servers that I have worked on so I know that it will work for some.

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