WHM's Remote Restoration

WHM’s Remote Restoration

WHM’s Remote restoration (Home » Backups » Backup Configuration) allows you and your users to store backup files in locations that you configured with the Additional Destinations option. WHM’s Remote restoration includes the following destinations: Amazon S3™ FTP SFTP WebDAV A local directory Custom locations To restore backups from these locations, users must transfer the […]

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Update and manage Security Questions

Update and manage Security Questions Security Questions: You can use this interface for updating and managing Security questions in your WHM account. You can also log in to your WHM account without security questions, if you add a verified IP address using Security Questions Interface. Note: Once you make any changes in this interface, it […]

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ModSecurity Vendors

ModSecurity Vendors For managing your ModSecurity Vendors WHM provides a tool which is ‘ModSecurity Vendors’. Let’s see what is ModSecurity Vendors interface and for what is it used? ModSecurity Vendor is a module which works similar to a firewall in a web application or website so that it can protect the websites from various types […]

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