How to optimize your website images with Elementor and Optimole?

Hello everyone, in today’s blog we are going to discuss how to optimize your website images with Elementor and Optimal? Now you must be wondering why we need to optimize the website. The answer to this question is simple:- we need to optimize our website because sometimes images are not loading for the website so […]

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Different types of Firewall

Types of Firewalls? Three Different Types of Firewall

Today we are going to understand different types of firewalls and decide which firewall will be best. As the usage of the internet is growing day by day the illegal activities have also been grown tremendously, FBI has also admitted that they have recorded a 300% increase in the number of cybercrimes, from about 1,000 […]

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cpanel access

How to Give cPanel Access to Support for Accessing Your Server: cPanel Support

Grant cPanel Support Access Today we are going to discuss giving cPanel access using the “Grant cPanel Support Access ” interface in WHM and also how to grant cPanel Support access to access your server. So let’s start with the brief introduction of this interface: It is often important for the tech support team to […]

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