WHM's Remote Restoration, WHM’s Remote Restoration, Hostripples Web Hosting

WHM’s Remote Restoration

WHM's Remote Restoration, WHM’s Remote Restoration, Hostripples Web Hosting

WHM’s Remote restoration (Home » Backups » Backup Configuration) allows you and your users to store backup files in locations that you configured with the Additional Destinations option. WHM’s Remote restoration includes the following destinations:

  • Amazon S3™
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • WebDAV
  • A local directory
  • Custom locations

To restore backups from these locations, users must transfer the backup file to their servers before they can restore the backups.

How to transfer the backup file

To transfer a backup file from a remote location to your server, perform the following steps:

  1. Use your preferred tool to access the additional destination that you created with the Additional Destinations option in WHM’s Backup Configuration interface(Home » Backups » Backup Restoration). For example, you can use an FTP client to access an FTP destination.
  2. Locate your desired backup files and transfer them to your local computer.

Place the backup files in the appropriate backup directory on your server.

The backup directory’s on your server will resemble the BACKUPDIR/date/accounts format, where:

  • BACKUPDIR is the variable from the /var/cpanel/backups/config file.
  • date is in yyyy-mm-dd format, where yyyy is the four-digit year, mm is the month, and dd is the day of the month.
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WHM’s Remote Restoration, Hostripples Web Hosting
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