Update and manage Security Questions

Update and manage Security Questions

Security Questions:

You can use this interface for updating and managing Security questions in your WHM account. You can also log in to your WHM account without security questions, if you add a verified IP address using Security Questions Interface.


Once you make any changes in this interface, it will not change the security questions for other accounts like WHM, cPanel or Webmail on the server.

It is important to enable the “Limit logins to verified IP addresses” option under “Configure Security Policies” option in WHM interface. Let’s see how to access “Configure Security Policies” interface:

Log in to WHM>> Home interface>> Navigate to “Security Center” >> Click “Configure Security Policies”.

Let’s see how to access “Security Questions” interface:

Log in to WHM. Then navigate to “Security Center”. Click “Security Questions” option. Following interface will appear:

Important: –

WHM will automatically add the unverified IP address if you try to log in from an unverified IP address and also if you answer your security questions successfully.

It is important to immediately enable the ‘Limit Logins to Verified IP addresses’ setting in WHM, if you are configuring your own Security questions under the “Configure Security Policies” in “Security Center” category.

  • Let’s see how to Edit Questions and Answers: –

If you login to WHM from an unverified IP address for editing the security questions which you should answer then perform the following steps:

  1. Select “Edit Questions and Answers” option.
  2. Perform following actions for each security question which you want to modify:
  • First, select the desired question.
  • Enter the required answer in the given text box.

3. Click “Continue”.

4. A confirmation message will appear..

Let’s see how to add or remove IP addresses: –

For adding, managing or removing a verified IP addresses, click “Add or Remove Recognized IP addresses” option. It is not required to answer the security questions, if you try to log in from a verified IP address.

  • Perform following step for adding a recognized IP address:
  • For adding a verified IP address, enter that IP address in the “IP text boxes”.
  • Click “Add”.

Important: –

For indicating a wildcard, you can use an asterisk in the last octet. It also allows any IP address which is specified in IP address block can skip security questions at the time of login.

  • Perform following steps for removing a recognized IP address:

For removing a verified IP address, click ‘Remove’ option which is present next to the IP address that you wish to remove.

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