WHM's Remote Restoration

WHM’s Remote Restoration

WHM’s Remote restoration (Home » Backups » Backup Configuration) allows you and your users to store backup files in locations that you configured with the Additional Destinations option. WHM’s Remote restoration includes the following destinations: Amazon S3™ FTP SFTP WebDAV A local directory Custom locations To restore backups from these locations, users must transfer the […]

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whm backup

How to get WHM Backup and restore? Whm Backup Configuration.

Many businesses are victims of cyber-attack or data breaches which leads to a loss in brand reputation, customer loyalty, and customer trust. Because of these kinds of attacks that business loses revenue also significant business opportunities following data-loss. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss how to do Whm Backup Configuration of all […]

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Relational Database Management System

In this tutorial, we will discuss Relational Database Management Systems. Let’s first discuss What do databases do? Databases have the ability to store large amounts of data. So when we search for any information on the internet then it finds all the URLs that meet the criteria. So far if you have been looking for […]

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