How to identify and Prevent Common Security Threats to Your Website

It’s good to see when our website is thriving and we have satisfied customers, overall it’s good to see how our brand has become memorable and generating revenue!! Because we have spent a lot of time writing, designing and marketing our website, right? But what will happen if we lose all our hard work? Or […]

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ModSecurity Tools

ModSecurity Tools If you want to install and manage ModSecurity Rules then WHM offers a tool: ModSecurity Tools. For accessing this tool log in to WHM >> Navigate to “Security Center” >> then Click “ModSecurity Tools” option. Following interface will appear: In this interface there is a button “Rules list” for viewing the Rules list […]

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ModSecurity Vendors

ModSecurity Vendors For managing your ModSecurity Vendors WHM provides a tool which is ‘ModSecurity Vendors’. Let’s see what is ModSecurity Vendors interface and for what is it used? ModSecurity Vendor is a module which works similar to a firewall in a web application or website so that it can protect the websites from various types […]

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