“Mod_bandwidth” (mod bandwidth) is a module for the Apache webserver that enable the setting of server-wide or per connection bandwidth limits, based on the directory, size of files and remote IP/domain.

For Apache 1.3x. ONLY! This how-to is not compatible with old versions of apache, including but not limited to 1.3beta

How to install mod_bandwidth

1. Login to your server via SSH as root.

2. : mkdir /root/mod_bw

3. : cd /root/mod_bw

4. : wget

5. : /usr/local/apache/bin/apxs -c /root/mod_bw/mod_bandwidth.c -o /usr/local/apache/libexec/

6. : mkdir /usr/local/apache/bw_limit

7. : mkdir /usr/local/apache/bw_limit/link

8. : mkdir /usr/local/apache/bw_limit/master

9. : pico -w /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

10. Locate the following Line: LoadModule rewrite_module libexec/

11. Before the above line add this:
LoadModule bandwidth_module libexec/

12. Now locate this line: AddModule mod_env.c

13. Before the above line add this:
AddModule mod_bandwidth.c

14. Now locate this line: # Document s.

15. Before the above line add this:
BandWidthDataDir “/usr/local/apache/bw_limit”
BandWidthModule On

16. To enable mod_bandwidth on a virtual host locate the virtual host entry for the specified domain/acount you wish to limit. Just before the line add the following:
BandWidthModule On
BandWidth all 512

The 512 can be replaced with whatever rate you wish to limit the acount too.

17. Save the file and exit.
CTRL-X then Y then enter.

18. : service httpd restart

19. : cd /usr/sbin

20. : wget

What is cleanlink?
Cleanlink is a deamon that is used to clean links created by mod_bandwidth when they aren’t removed properly by the server. (When a httpd process doesn’t terminate the usual way.)

21. : chmod 755

22. : pico -w

23. Change $LINKDIR to the following:

24. Save the file and exit.
CTRL-X then Y then enter.

25. : perl

26. : pico -w /etc/rc.d/rc.local

27. Scroll down to the very end of the file and add the following:
# The following line Launches CleanLink for Mod_Bandwidth
perl /usr/sbin/

28. Save the file and exit.
CTRL-X then Y then enter.

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