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Effective Tips to Increase The Traffic of Your Site

To increase the traffic of your website, a good rank in the search engines is essential. However, SEO is a semi-permanent job and it often takes several months to reach the no. 1 position. Diversifying your traffic sources and offering multiple contents is essential to growing the number of visitors to your site is a good way to regularly attract search engine crawlers and increase your position in the results.

The speed of a website has two major impacts on the traffic it receives:

Post regularly on your blog:

Google likes sites having regularly updated and unique content. If it is difficult to change the content of the pages of your website regularly, a blog can be used to publish new articles frequently. Find a good copyrighter for writing articles for your company.

Target the right keywords:

Regularly publishing content on your blog globally improves your SEO. Still, if your articles and pages are poorly optimized, they will stand out in the search results.

SEO is primarily about targeting the right keywords: it is often easier to focus on specific and less sought-after expressions (the so-called long-tail). Once your keywords are found, you just have to use them by creating the content of very good quality to seduce the search engines.


Facebook is the number one social network: it must be at the heart of your social media strategy. By building a community on this platform and regularly posting quality content, you can be assured that your fan base is off the ground – and visits to your site at the same time. Use creative banners and posts that will attract a new crowd towards your social media pages.


Instagram is the social network on which users interact most with brands: the commitment is therefore very high, making it a very powerful medium to promote your site. Unpack your Smartphone or camera, choose your hashtags, and be creative!

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YouTube is the # 1 video-sharing site and performs colossal audiences every day. No wonder companies have found an ideal playground to gain visibility.

Create videos related to your activity (tutorials, analyzes, etc.) to highlight your expertise and be found by users corresponding to your target.

Get links to your site

 In addition to getting new visits, links bringing traffic to your site will also help you to “go up” in natural search engine ranking.

Contact influencers

Influence marketing is a very effective lever to let you know and attract massive numbers of users to your site. The key is to choose influencers to contact to implement an effective influencer marketing strategy.

Create webinars

The webinar is another very effective web content when it comes to generating new leads and attracting visitors to your website.

There are many tools to easily create a web seminar and share your expertise with your audience.

Refresh old content

Creating new content is essential, but that does not mean that your old articles must be forgotten. Refresh your old content by enriching it, updating it with more recent data, etc.

Create infographics

Infographics are among the flagship content of social networks: appreciated by Internet users, they have a high potential for virality (if they deal with a relevant topic with an interesting angle).

Publish your case studies and articles

Creating studies based on proprietary data related to your area of expertise or industry is another great way to earn visits through content marketing.

Exploit Slide Share

If you had a good idea to create infographics or PPTs, do not miss to boost your content with SlideShare. The professional presentation sharing platform is an ideal playground for promoting such creations.

Improve the speed of your site:

The speed of a website has two major impacts on the traffic it receives:

•    First, the slower a site is to load, the more visitors tend to leave it at once.

•    On the other hand, too slow sites are penalized by Google and are therefore less well referenced – which affects their traffic.

So be sure to optimize the performance of your site to ensure its speed.

Think of the guest-blogging

Opening your blog to other editors and posting on other blogs allows you to broaden your notoriety and your audience. The guest editor will distribute the article posted on your site to his community, attracting you to a new readership. As for your guest article, it will open your audience to the blogger community and allow you to get some links back. However, you must be careful to respect certain steps to succeed in your guest blogging.

Position share buttons for social networks   

If you want to expand your traffic, then get people to share your content by adding share buttons to your blog posts. It is recommended that you also put them on your product sheets.

Use the power of emailing

One of the best ways to gain visitors to your site is to use email, one of the most powerful marketing tools. To do this, you must follow 2 main steps:

•    Collect as many email addresses as possible to build a large subscriber list. Ask your visitor’s e-mail subscriptions where they can leave their email ID’s.

•    Put in place a powerful emailing tactic and let your website traffic explode.

Opt for the SEO and the SMO

You can boost your SEO with Google Adwords campaigns. You will be on the front page of Google for a while. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have advertising agencies at attractive rates, allowing you to target very precisely the distribution of your advertising or your publications. These two means are effective to develop its traffic over a given period provided that the tools are mastered.

Optimize your site for mobile

24% of Internet users buy products via browsing on smartphones, as figure speaks for itself and shows that it is essential to optimize the mobile navigation of your site. Otherwise, you will miss many visits and lose many potential customers.

Exchange in discussion areas

Social media and forums are places where you can promote your business and showcase your expertise. It’s also a good way to publish your articles and press releases when the discussion is needed and to attract additional traffic to your site.

Attract foreign countries towards your business

To attract new visitors and therefore new potential customers, nothing like opening up to new markets. Making your site accessible to visitors from around the world is not impossible and is a unique opportunity to connect with millions of people.

Be generous! 

Offer bonuses, gifts or contests on your site and through your other communication channels (social networks, blog, etc.). Also, share free content on your site; people who come to your site as a result of queries made in the search engines are all potential customers since he is interested in the subject you present.


These techniques will allow you to strengthen your online presence, improve your SEO and generate additional visits to your site and looking for quality clicks and links, you show Google that your content is appreciated and acclaimed and you increase your chances of finding new customers.

Effective Tips to Increase The Traffic of Your Site, Hostripples Web Hosting
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