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Effective tips for SEO

People who are already addicted to SEO are aware that you have to be up-to-date with changes in Google Algorithms and its updates. As technology is growing a day by day, there are high chances that SEO on which we are working currently, will not work after some months.

When we talk about SEO, there are chances of some common mistakes that people usually do. So in this article, I would like to focus on some tips that you can use while optimizing your site for search engines. That will help to improve the ranking of your site on the search engine.

Start SEO at the time of the building of your website:

SEO is not only link building or keyword stuffing activity. We have to focus on URLs, HTML and XML code, HTML and XML sitemaps, and also its basic tags like titles and descriptions.

Use of Keywords:

Use creative ideas for new keywords that are having low competition but they can rank your site well on Search Engines. Get opinions from your marketing team for new terms that can be used for keyword optimization.

Have a broad Prospect:

 SEO is a blend of various factors; on a search engine, you can not automatically adjust the position of your site. Try to focus on the entire website should get optimized instead of just Keyword targeting and link building activities.

Get advantage of Social Media:

Social networks are the easiest and quick way for branding and ranking your site. You can make the use of content by re-sharing it overall platforms like Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Content is the King:

Always remember this fact and make your content unique and appealing to your target audience. Make content easy to use with high-quality images and appropriately make the use of the “ALT” tag.

Use Pay Per Click (PPC):

Due to continual changes in ad formats, there are high chances to get confused with the organic results and ads. Due to cheap ad rates, competitors make the use of paid ads for their branding and promotion. It is the mentality of the user that if a similar ad is brainstorming frequently on the user’s screen then there are high chances of its high click-through rate.

Keep Patience with outcomes:

SEO is not q quick process. Usually, for a new site to be ranked on search engines, you have to wait at least 3-6 months. As Google always consider history, therefore be patient with outcomes and stick to your daily SEO practices.

Shut your eyes for Black-hat SEO:

There exist some short & cheap ways that can give you quick results known as black hat tricks. Such forceful SEO techniques usually don’t follow search engine instructions. Some examples of these techniques are Keyword stuffing, where keywords are added forcefully in a sentence without any relevance or requirement. Hidden text and the purchasing of links also come under these techniques.

Make the use of appropriate tools:

Some people think that SEO is just about link building and content marketing but there is something more than these activities. I.e. make the use of advanced tools and techniques for performance measurement and analysis. Use online free tools for Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, Backlink checking actions. For eg. you can use the SEMrush tool for performance monitoring and other SEO actions.

Keep an eye on duplicate content:

Most of the new brands build their website by referring to other big brands that are providing the same service to their customers. An example of it a site translated into several languages. The same information is repeated on the website on several pages. For dealing with such issue you can make the use of the canonical tag. For multi-language website use hreflang tag to indicate that it is for a different audience.

Optimize Images and PDF files:

Whenever you upload images or PDF files, make sure that it is properly optimized before uploading it on your website. For optimizing the PDF files we have to make sure to use the plain text with SEO friendly URL. Optimize title and size, and images.

Use of redirects:

Redirection is the process of issuing from one to another different URL. Redirects are useful for transferring traffic from one site to another site. The best way to do this is with a 301 redirect so that the page has been removed forever.

Internal Linking:

While building your website, remember to backlink the other internal pages of your site where they are relevant. Internal linking help to promote your other products, cross-selling between articles.

Mobile-friendly Website:

Most of the users access the website on their smartphones. Make sure that the website should be designed in such a way that it is a mobile screen friendly. You can check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not through Google mobile-friendly test.  It should have a readable font, optimized images, and other media files.

Fast Loading Website:

Average internet users don’t wait beyond 2-3 seconds to get a website loaded on their browsers. So make sure that your website must be faster when it comes to SEO.  One important factor behind website loading speed is your web host. Choose the server location of your website that is nearer to your target audience.

Use of Hyphens instead of underscores in URL:

Underscores in URL are not recommended at all. Instead of that, you can make the use of hyphens to recognize the URL because underscores look like word joiners. Google also recommends using hyphens instead of underscores.

Withdraw the zombie pages:

Zombie pages are those that don’t help in bringing the traffic to your site.  They are the pages that generally bring down the traffic to your website. Therefore, it’s better to remove them.


These are some effective tips that one can use to rank their website on the search engine. The best way to rank your website is to practice these SEO tips and identifying which one suits your site and implement it with patience to see the best results. After all, SEO is not a short term outcome, its long and trial, and error technique. There are various techniques available for ranking, but these are some more guidelines that can make more magic with a ranking of the website.

Effective tips for SEO, Hostripples Web Hosting
Vishwajit Kale
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