Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions

For today’s Digital World, Website is the first and most important thing that describes your business, your products, and services. Most of the online purchases are done on the platform or the website which is more users friendly, attractive in design and easy to navigate and purchase. While comparing the analytics of a number of visitors vs. potential buyers or loyal customers, there you can see a huge gap. Why this gap exists? Website design can be the major reason behind this. In today’s blog, we are going to talk on website appearance or UX design and how it affects on transaction process also we are going to focus on tips to choose website layout so that one can convert website visitors into customers.     

What is Website Design or UX Design?

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

The word UX design comes from the User Experience and consists of optimizing the user experience on a website or a mobile application. Website design is considered as one of the most important factors for the effectiveness of your website, especially knowing that your site should be the best site due to competition with hundreds or even thousands of other sites!

It is, therefore, necessary to make the visitor’s experience as pleasant as possible so that he/she can easily find the information or the product he needs and concretize his purchase or making appointments on your site.

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How to improve the user experience on your website?

The UX design is a subject that touches the web design of your site in its entirety: ergonomics, choice of the architecture of your pages, your menu, your colors, and your buttons of a call to action. The last word has its importance!  We are going to disclose website design tips here to optimize the user experience and convert your visitors into customers.

1. Loading speed:

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

Optimize the loading speed of your website. This is to know that before anything, the speed of loading your site impacts the user experience: indeed, what’s more, annoying than being blocked on a page that does not load not faster! On an average, a user generally waits for maximum 2 to 3 seconds to get the site loaded on the browser. If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, your visitor may leave your site, thus increasing your bounce rate. If your site contains heavy images or videos on the homepage then it takes more time to load the website on a browser. Loading speed also depends on the web host and server location. It is expected that to choose a server location which is nearer to your target audience and web host should be reliable and secure that will provide 99.9% of server uptime.

Conclusion: If you want to keep your visitors on your website, make sure your site loads quickly, for example by compressing your images JPEG or PNG images and not overloading your video pages.

2. Optimize action buttons:

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

The CTA buttons, i.e. Call to Action buttons, are the clickable buttons on which your visitors must click to convert them. It can, therefore, be a buy button if it is an e-commerce site but there can be other CTA button names also. For ex: call now, click here, etc. If your website’s goal is to download a white paper, to fill out a contact form, and to subscribe to a newsletter, everything depends on your activity and purpose. To improve the design of your CTAs and therefore increase your conversion rate, here are some useful tips:

3. Call-To-Action must be easily visible:

In order for your action button to be effective and to facilitate the conversion of your visitors, it must be quickly visible on your site and especially on homepage, i.e. be above the waterline of your site. In other words, the visitors do not have to scroll up or scroll down your page to make the button appear. Similarly, test the rendering on smartphone and other compatible devices to optimize your layout accordingly!

  • Play on color combinations to detect out the CTA

Use the colors that contrast with your website so that the button pops out and catches the eye!

  • Play on the design of your CTA:

Website designers have several options to improve the efficiency of their call to action. You too can play on the size of the button, its shape (more or less rounded), highlight it with arrows or elements around. It’s your turn!

  • Test the Call-TO-Action wording:

Test different approaches, focusing on the benefit of your visitor. You don’t know which one works well for you. For example, “Receive my free guide” will probably work better than “Free Download”. But no absolute truth, only one thing to do: try and test!

3. Optimize the UX design of the navigation menu:

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

An effective menu should not be too crowded. Limit the entries to 6 to 7 maximum and avoid the pull-down menus. The user experience will be improved if the menu is airy and permanently indicates to the visitor where he is on the website, for example by displaying the currently visited section of a different color. It is also customary to place links to your contact page and customer support at the top right: follow these codes. Indicate clearly your phone number at the top right of your page: visible, it is a vector of reinsurance for your prospects and therefore a conversion facilitator.

4. UX design:

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

Work on the internal mesh so that each page is accessible in a few clicks. You do not like have to click half a dozen times to finally get to the product or information you are looking for? Your visitors either! It is good practice in UX to work on the architecture of your site and the internal mesh, i.e. the links between your pages, so that each of them is accessible in 3 click maximum.

5. Integrate a search bar into your site:

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

Integrating a search bar into your site will help your visitors find what they are looking for, let alone a business site. It is customary to place this bar at the top left of your page. Do not forget to study the research carried out via the bar: by knowing which products are the most sought after, you will be able to improve the architecture of your site and the user experience accordingly.

6. Be transparent throughout the conversion funnel:

Nothing worse than discovering at the last moment that delivery costs apply, while we were preparing to validate his basket and pay. Be transparent and indicate at the beginning of your conversion funnel what fees and terms apply. This will allow you to reduce unpleasant surprises and basket abandonments.

7. Display a progress bar in the conversion funnel:

Absolutely limit the distraction elements once your visitor is in the conversion funnel. Avoid unnecessary messages, simply display the items related to the conversion funnel (basket, contact details to fill, etc.) and reassurance messages (fees offered, exchange and refund for example). Even better, set up a progress bar that will allow the visitor to see where he is and how many actions he has to do before validating his purchase!

8. Do AB testing to see the impact of your actions in UX design

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

What works on one’s site will not necessarily work on yours, and vice versa. To make your website effective and know exactly what is the message appropriate for YOUR visitors and your target, only one thing to do: AB tests. You will see directly how the actions you implement on the user experience impact your conversion rate. Color of your buttons, the layout of your menu, words used. It’s up to you to test and find the right formula to make your website effective.

9. Include Customer Reviews:

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting

Reviews and testimonials are the most important factor for reassurance of your products. Customer Reviews let the user know what your plus point is and what is lacking in your products. That certainly gives a chance to make improvements in your business model. Moreover, all the studies show that customers read reviews before ordering. This is true not only for e-commerce sites but also for other business sites as well. It is observed that Customer Reviews improves the credibility of the site.


The use of these techniques will help you get out of the booklet’s website spirit and allow you to move towards a website that will generate more contacts for your business. We suggest you apply them as soon as your website is created or redesigned. To summarize, Website design is the first appearance that influences the customer, it is the most important aspect of your online presence and business. We have seen several tips that can improve the overall user experience of your site hence can convert visitors into regular customers!

Effective Tips For Website That Increases Conversions, Hostripples Web Hosting
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