WooCommerce: Turn your WordPress site into an e-commerce site!

WooCommerce is the most popular tool for the creation of online shops. It turns out to be a complete tool with free general features but also many paid extensions that largely enrich and complete this WordPress service. WooCommerce is especially well suited for SMEs that are wishing to develop their own e-shop and that can stay […]

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Effective Tips to Increase The Traffic of Your Site

To increase the traffic of your website, a good rank in the search engines is essential. However, SEO is a semi-permanent job and it often takes several months to reach the no. 1 position. Diversifying your traffic sources and offering multiple contents is essential to growing the number of visitors to your site is a […]

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Know How To Setup Email Default Address in cPanel

Since last few blogs we have been discussing about how to use and setup various tools in cPanel which in turn will help us in managing the websites or Blogs. So let’s have a quick reminder to our previous Blog which was on “Know How To Setup Email Autoresponders in cPanel” in which we discussed […]

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