How Colors on Your Website Affects Conversion Ratio, Hostripples Web Hosting

How Colors on Your Website Affects Conversion Ratio

Color has become one of the most integral parts of every website because it is the first thing that stands out most when any visitor visits a website. For instance, assume that you are on some website you can immediately recall it, it is a Pepsi website! How? Because you will see everything is in blue color. Thus even when you had no clue which site you are on, the color may give a hint! But wait it is not a complete truth! Because when you are on a web page for a popular brand, you will see words like their brand name and their colors at a time. Thus this indicates that it is not only the color that is helping you recognize the brand.

How Colors on Your Website Affects Conversion Ratio, Hostripples Web Hosting

One more important point to be considered is color psychology depicts human sentiments regarding colors. Studies have found out about how we humans see things or how we react corresponding to colors of different things. In totality, every one of us has our own favorites, thus recognizing color psychology will seriously affect human decisions taken during daily activities related to our business, products, and services and specifically about the website of your business.

As a company or business owner, you should have detail knowledge of how different colors will affect your targeted audience or market. Even though various cultures have their own meaning regarding each color but global psychology about color is still referred by a number of people.

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For different people, different colors mean various things. This plays an important role in every one decision making as well as understanding. Color is an important element in shopping decisions, whether the person may buy it or may not buy a specific product. Overall, colors influence the perspective and mood of the person either consciously or subconsciously. The shades of the color, its tone, and the complete impact of a specific color mean the variation between effective and inefficient website designing.

At some point, customers can be converted based on their favorite color, but using a powerful combination of different colors you can every time swing customers towards the positive side. Unintentionally every one of us reacts in the same way to the same color, whether we like it or not. Thus color is only an aspect of web design but there are some other elements that affect the performance of your website, which is as important to be focused on as focusing on different color schemes.

There are two main categories of colors:

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

When primary colors are mixed with each other they form some other color. The examples of primary colors are Red, Blue, and Yellow.

When two primary colors are mixed together secondary colors are obtained. For example Green, Orange, and Purple.

There are some Neutral colors like Black and White which also play an important part in everyone’s judgment.

How Colors on Your Website Affects Conversion Ratio, Hostripples Web Hosting

People give too much preference to color on the website, but colors are not that important for a website. Across the internet, you will find plenty of advice regarding color mentality or psychology. Most of the time it is rubbish or made up things with very little proof, if available. For example, there was advice about the color red that is – red color makes visitors feel that your brand is bold, fiery, and committed or some of them may think that it is a sign to stop and hang around on your website, No it is completely wrong!

Red is considered an important color in science and it signals to act instantly, instead of signaling: STOP, but in reality, it says to do it now. Now think about traffic signals at the road intersections, everybody illustrates red signal as stop, but in reality, it is asking people to act now.

Thus if nobody acts as asked them to do at a red signal and didn’t press the brakes then there is a possibility of an accident. Therefore it is important to take notice of a red signal.

Now let’s think about Greenlight. With green light is on, is it possible to hang around at the road junction? You can, even if you didn’t press the accelerator, it may not cause a lot of problems and might be not a lot is going to be wrong. Green signal doesn’t mean go, it means to relax.

We see these two colors in nature also. It is a common behavior of the people that they like to relax in a green lush place, where they feel calm and composed. But when they see something red, they may sense some sort of danger and can change into a person who needs to take some action immediately.

Thus whatever information you see on various websites claiming that it is about color psychology, many a time found that it has come from a psychological belief. These beliefs are not just restricted to red and green colors but these types of myths can also be seen for other colors. Despite that, you may find certain evidence regarding the utilization of colors on the website and also their effect on the conversion rate.

Therefore don’t worry about colors on the website. A number of agencies worry about their colors on their websites. They deal themselves with the alleged impacts of several colors. You might know that the biggest companies have changed their main colors to other colors. Sometimes due to appointing a new business head, colors have been changed.

Whether it is a true or fictitious story, it is not the concern, but some companies did change their branding or replaced their original colors. All these rubbish things about color psychology you might have read and might have provided wrong information to you like if blue color is used for your brand then it might be considered more sincere and conventional than red color which is considered as a fiery color.

Colors used on your website influence recognition. As mentioned earlier colors on your website which you select are insignificant. Now let’s consider this: if your website is selling toys for boys, then the chances are that the parents expect a blue color. So it is good to do some color coordination and expectations about color. Nevertheless, it can change over a period of time. In earlier days the favorite color of women was blue and not pink.

The expectations about color are the main color of psychology. Therefore the colors used on your website require matching these expectations of your visitors. And if your visitor does not expect anything, say due to not any earlier association for any going on trend, then select any color which you desire. But try to use it all over the place i.e. online as well as offline; in large amounts like American Express and thus whenever people visit your website they will immediately come to know that it’s you!


Color expectations, color coordination and recognizing expectations of the visitors about your brand name are very important than the rumored color psychology about which you might have read.

I hope you find this information useful. Please do not forget to leave your feedback about today’s topic. If you want to mentions some more important points, then also you are always welcome. Thank you for reading the blog. See you soon with a new blog on a new topic!

How Colors on Your Website Affects Conversion Ratio, Hostripples Web Hosting
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