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Duplicate MySQL Database



The easiest way to duplicate MySQL database is just using mysqldump command. Based on following variables:

OS: CentOS 6.0 64bit
MySQL root password: q1w2e3!@#
Database name: grand_shopper
Duplicate database name:  grand_shopper_dev
New database user: dev_user
Password: D3eVVbf7

Firstly, since I just want to copy and duplicate database inside the same server, I need to create the database:

$ mysql -u root -p'q1w2e3!@#' -e "create database grand_shopper_dev"

And use following command to duplicate the database content  from grand_shopper to grand_shopper_dev:

$ mysqldump -u root -p'q1w2e3!@#' grand_shopper | mysql -u root -p'q1w2e3!@#' grand_shopper_dev

Format: mysqldump [user] [password] [source database] | mysql [user] [password] [destination database]

Now create MySQL user to associate with the new database. Access the MySQL server using command:

$ mysql -u root -p'q1w2e3!@#'

And run following SQL command:

mysql> GRANT USAGE ON grand_shopper_dev.* TO dev_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'D3eVVbf7';
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON grand_shopper_dev.* TO dev_user@localhost ;

Try access the new database with new user:

$ mysql -h localhost -u dev_user -p'D3eVVbf7'




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