Joomla authentication security : :  jSecure Authentication module, Hostripples Web Hosting

Joomla authentication security : : jSecure Authentication module

jSecure Authentication module

jSecure Authentication module prevents access to joomla administration (back end) login page without appropriate access key to add additional layer of security to our joomla administration (back end) login page. Below given are the steps to install jSecure Authentication module

Installation Steps
1.Login to your joomla administration area.
2.Unzip the downloaded file.
3.Go to Installer -> select the jSecure as per Joomla version.
4.Select the for Joomla 1.5.x or for Joomla 1.6.x
5.Click on Install & upload.
Once we have installed the plugin then we need to follow few manual steps to make the plugin work and the steps are as follows:

Manual steps

1.Login to Administration area
2.Go to the Plugin Manager
3.Enable the System – jSecure Authentication plugin
4.Then go to the jSecure Authentication component configuration in components >> jSecure Authentication and set the parameters as per your requirements. Usually by default jSecure is set up so that you will be required to enter a secret key that will serve as the new administrator URL. The default key to access login page is “jSecure”, so say if your website is then the new URL for the Joomla administration would be Make sure you change the default key!
5.You can also set jSecure Authentication to display a custom form on the administrator page instead of a new URL. If you choose this option then you will still access your administration area with the default URL of /administrator. However, you will have a new login page where you will need to enter the jSecure key.
6.Make sure that you have set the “enabled” field to “Yes” else jSecure will not be activated.
Please note that the key is case sensitive and can **ONLY** contain alphanumeric values. Make sure that you dont use numeric values
Steps to use jSecure Authentication:
By default the jSecure Authentication is set to replace the default Joomla URL with one that you will set with this component. For example: name/administrator/?keyname
The key name is the key that you have specified in the jSecure Authentication component.


Joomla authentication security : :  jSecure Authentication module, Hostripples Web Hosting