Best email hosting 2021

Email Hosting: Why Your Business Needs Mail Hosting Services in 2021?

2021 brought us a different mode of communication and email has been a  KING! The reason why email served a lot is security, user friendly, and affordable. Thanks to Gmail, yahoo mail, and many others who helped in creating a huge user base by knowing the importance of email and the security it offers. Whether […]

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Why Should you Opt for Shared Hosting?

Probably, the second toughest thing to decide when you are starting your online business is this – What type of hosting should you choose, first obviously being – How to choose a hosting provider? Even though the Shared Hosting is popular, people often do not understand what is Shared Hosting? Before making any decisions, we […]

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Update and manage Security Questions

Update and manage Security Questions Security Questions: You can use this interface for updating and managing Security questions in your WHM account. You can also log in to your WHM account without security questions, if you add a verified IP address using Security Questions Interface. Note: Once you make any changes in this interface, it […]

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