Why Should you Opt for Shared Hosting?

Probably, the second toughest thing to decide when you are starting your online business is this – What type of hosting should you choose, first obviously being – How to choose a hosting provider? Even though the Shared Hosting is popular, people often do not understand what is Shared Hosting? Before making any decisions, we […]

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How To Install Django On Linux shared hosting account

How to install Django on a Linux shared hosting account?

Django is a Python-based framework that enables you to quickly and easily create powerful websites. This article demonstrates how to install and configure Django on a Linux shared hosting account that uses cPanel. After completing the following procedures, you will have a functioning registered Django site on your account that: Loads a static homepage for […]

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All About Custom Error Pages

We know – links break, servers may be down, pages go missing or somehow your visitors may land on the terrifying error page. While there’s no exact way to ensure your visitors will never land on an error page, with cPanel – that Hostripples offers with Linux shared hosting and Linux reseller hosting, you can […]

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