Assign dedicated IP to a Sub-domain/Add-on/Park domain?

Using WHM we can assign one dedicated IP to one account. But if wants to set multiple IPs to an account for eg: to subdomain, addon domain or park domain. We have to it manually by editing following configuration files.

1.# vim /var/cpanel/userdata/[username]/subdomain.domain.tld

Here, change the shared IP with new dedicated IP.

2. After that rebuild httpd.conf using following cpanel  script.

#/scripts/rebuildhttpdconf \

After that restart httpd service.

3. Now add dedicated IP in /etc/domainips file

After that rebuild IPpool using following script


Now last step,

4. Edit DNS zone for particular domains and assign dedicated IP in it.

Zone is located here: /var/named/domain.db file.

Then restart named service.


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