All About VPS Hosting is Explained, Hostripples Web Hosting

All About VPS Hosting is Explained

Nowadays, the internet is ruling the world and this has created tough competition for the offline and online markets.

Due to changing scenario of online business, offline businesses are heading toward the establishment of offline to online businesses on the web to grab more potential customers worldwide.

Simultaneously, this has boosted the demand for web hosting!

We can say that web hosting is the king on the web that keeps websites live on the internet. No’s of website counts are also increasing along with competition.

Web hosting is the concept that stores website data on the server and delivers that information when any search is performed for that particular term. In the short term, your website is hosted on the server.    


Web hosting has various types of servers with uniqueness and features. Those web hosting servers are shared, VPS, Reseller, WordPress, etc. Likewise, VPS hosting is the most demanding and secure option than shared hosting where you didn’t get a dedicated server. 

VPS hosting has many advantages over other web hosting options that you’ll understand in the next segment of the article.

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What is VPS hosting?

All About VPS Hosting is Explained, Hostripples Web Hosting

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting in which various websites use single instances on the same or parent server. Following are the features of VPS hosting that will allow you to:

  • Operate your VPS environments from anywhere
  • You get given bandwidth and storage for each instance. This will not affect the performance of your website because of other websites’ performance like shared hosting.

Working of VPS hosting

All About VPS Hosting is Explained, Hostripples Web Hosting

It is a server on which a web hosting provider stores the files and databases required for your website. When any visitor searches the query the browser sends a request to the server and the server is able to deliver the necessary files via the internet.

VPS hosting offers a virtual server that simulates a physical server. In fact, the machine is shared among several users.  

Virtualization technology helps your web hosting provider to position a virtual layer on top of the operating system (OS) on the server.   

This layer separates the server into different portions and allows each user to install OS and software individually. This makes VPS both virtual and private and gives complete control. On the OS level, it divides the server from other server users.

In reality, it’s VPS technology that is equal to creating different portions on your own computer when you want to run more than one OS that is Windows and Linux without rebooting it.  

You can host your website in a safe environment with completed dedicated resources like memory, disk space, CPU cores, etc. that you don’t share with other users. It comes with root access equal to a dedicated server at a minimum cost.

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VPS Is Used For?

A VPS is used to cater to a medium-sized workload that requires consistent performance. You can use VPS for the following reasons:

  • Can host a specific number of websites
  • Can store websites and customers’ files so that anyone can access them from anywhere in the world.
  • Can host web servers
  • Can host emails
  • Can create a Databases
  • cPanel or Plesk hosting
  • Able to build and deliver cloud-based services for customers.
  • Helpful for employees to work on virtual workstations

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting delivers various important advantages that come with the combined features of shared and dedicated hosting. Hence, VPS features vary from provider to provider and depend on how your company uses them. In general, it has various benefits also that are highlighted below:

  • Devoted performance
  • Deliver Value
  • Customization
  • Data protection
  • Security
  • Higher growth

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VPS hosting is not for?

Well, we are looking at its benefits, its usage, and other good things, right.

But what if anyone asks VPS hosting is not for? You might come up with a situation, where you’ll look for another option than VPS hosting.

Then, here is your answer.

Company with less budget

If you’ve got a low budget then it’s always good to start with shared hosting instead of opting for VPS hosting.

Nontechnical companies

Managed VPS hosting offers root access to the server. It’s useful for companies who have at a least degree of IT administration and troubleshooting skills.

If you’re not aware of technical terms then you’ve to consider a managed VPS hosting provider to handle virtually anything where you’ll need root access. Moreover, you need to learn the usage of cPanel and Plesk for accessing the basic tasks.  

Big ventures that need resources to manage the entire server like dedicated hosting

If you require an entire server without separating the isolated VMs then dedicated servers are the better option for you. For example, heavy data-driven and other bandwidth-intensive websites work well on a dedicated server.

What is Managed VPS?

A fully managed VPS is a virtual private server that allows you to take responsibility for your business successfully. Your VPS hosting provider is handling the technical aspect on your behalf of you and ensures that VPS is offering the functionalities like virus and spam protection, maintenance, troubleshooting, software installs, etc.   

Pros of VPS Hosting:

  • Saves your time
  • There is no need for IT expertise from your end
  • Make sure the Operating System is updated which keeps the website safe and secure.
  • Make sure changes are made correctly.

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When is the right time to opt for VPS hosting?

You must have heard that there is a right time for every step you take in your business. Likewise, opting from shared hosting to VPS hosting has a perfect landing time that I have penned down below:

  • The first and foremost thing is when server user is not satisfied with the limitations of shared hosting, and don’t want to invest in dedicated hosting due to cost issues then VPS is the ultimate way to host a website.
  • VPS user wants advanced security, monitoring features, and higher backup space.
  • When website traffic is growing continuously.
  • When a website or application becomes slow or unresponsive due to less RAM or Storage.
  • If you’re an owner of an eCommerce website and it’s growing in terms of traffic.

How to select VPS for hosting applications?

  • Server uptime

It’s nothing but the amount of time when the server is online and serving the users. It is compulsory to have high server uptime as minor server downtime affects the search engine ranking of the hosted website.

Hence, an isolated environment of VPS is considered a reliable option to provide higher uptime than shared hosting plans. With a VPS hosting provider, you’ll get the best uptime of 99.9% to keep the website available for the viewers.

  • Reliability

VPS hosting provider offers high reliability in terms of performance. It’s your duty to check the higher uptime of 99.9% however this has a good impact on the web and excellent customer support.

  • Operating System

In many cases, servers are running on two operating systems, Windows and Linux. It is a prime concern to check the operating system before starting with VPS hosting.

  • Price

The foremost factor before buying anything is verifying the price that tells about your buying behavior. Before investing in the server user needs to gauge the requirements of his / her business. However, the pricing of VPS is depend upon its technical aspects like operating system, RAM, bandwidth, storage type, HDD or SDD, and storage capacity in GB (Gigabyte).

One more important aspect of VPS is that unmanaged VPS is more costly than managed VPS hosting. Resources of VPS hosting are based upon the number of websites or applications you run concurrently and also monitor the traffic experience. Every web hosting provider is different from others in terms of offering plans for VPS hosting.

  • Security

Security is the foremost factor that needs to keep in mind to eliminate the financial loss that happened due to security–related disasters that will again hamper the reputation. Doubtlessly, VPS hosting provides better security than shared hosting; though, there are some differences among different VPS hosting providers.

  • Hardware

For the smooth functioning of the website, you need the latest hardware resources. The server should consist of processors ranging from 2-core to 6-core, higher RAM, and the fastest storage type – a solid-state drive or SSD.

  • Managed or Unmanaged

Managed VPS plans come with managed environments like shared hosting services, due to increasing resources like CPU and RAM. If you’ve ended up with shared hosting and don’t want to buy dedicated hosting then VPS hosting can be the best way to reach your destination.

An unmanaged VPS hosting service is the ideal option for those who want to manage the server from their end. Here, the owner itself performs the entire task required to run the server.  

  • Backup Service

We never know what can be happened at any moment while upgrading the server or revamping the hosted website or application in VPS. The server user can face misplacement of data if the backup process is missed. This will lead to an increase in downtime and will affect the business revenue equally. To avoid such a situation, opt for the best backup provider to secure your data.  

  • Customer Support

We believe in offering the best service that can be delivered 24/7 to all customers. If anything went wrong at any moment in time then you can approach our support team where you’ll get a fine solution to all queries. For technical issues like setting up the server, customizing the cPanel, and managing the website or applications hosted on VPS. There are various other issues that can be solved immediately at our support desk.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated team and person to talk with
  • Live chat option for quick response

Ready to buy VPS hosting!

VPS is all about getting root access to the server without running its own server. It’s the finest deal for those who have medium-sized business websites.

Next, it helps to maintain the stability of websites that are expecting growth.  

If you’re looking for a reliable, business–scale hosting environment at a pocket-fit budget then VPS hosting is the right server.  

All About VPS Hosting is Explained, Hostripples Web Hosting
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