How to Select the Best Datacenter Location for Your Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

How to Select the Best Datacenter Location for Your Website?

Datacenter location or Server location is the most heard term when buying a web hosting service. You will ask why this term is important in the web hosting industry. Am I right? Yes, a data center or Server location is useful to bring useful traffic to the website.  

Hosting databases and applications near your target audience is the anytime best alternative. Hence, considering the nearest server location will lower the latency for the potential customer, especially for audiences who are using the apps to a greater extent.   

We will help you to ensure your business is not losing money because of a bad selection of server locations. To get optimal performance of the server low network latency is needed. Location is the main parameter that is needed to consider while locating the data center. Due to closer data centers and high bandwidth infrastructure data processing requests are quickly taking place.  

One of the most crucial considerations for a company is how to host their web server. The ultimate factors in selecting the web hosting service are cost and server location. At last, your website plays an important role as it serves the audience best, and here data center location is the key to locking the website for that location.  

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How to locate your target audience?

How to Select the Best Datacenter Location for Your Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

There are two main factors that you can use to locate your target audience to gain maximum traffic that are:

  • Check your Google Analytics to monitor the number of people pointing towards your website from different modes.
  • If you have a new website then take a look at the demographics of your target audience.  
  • Note: Select a data center location that is nearest to your audience location.  

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Explained: Network Latency and TTFB?

How to Select the Best Datacenter Location for Your Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

Network latency is a time that involves data transmission from your web browser to the server via a network. The longer distance it will cover, the longer it will take time to reach its destination. Network latency is measured in milliseconds but if the network is fast or speedy then it is measured in seconds. 

Whereas, TTFB (time to the first byte) is a time when a web browser sends a request to the server and it receives the first byte of data. The longer is data distance time, the longer it will take to deliver on your website’s page.

In short, you should understand that network latency and TTFB should be in a shorter time. This is can be achieved by selecting a server location close to your visitors. 

We will share some valuable tips which you can follow to locate your server location for your visitors. 

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Identify the Geolocation of your Visitors

How to Select the Best Datacenter Location for Your Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

The best way to locate the insights about the geo-location of your website’s visitors is to identify a Google Analytics account.

You have to log in to your Google Analytics account. For that, you need to follow these simple steps: Audience >>> Geo >>> Location.

Under this title, you can easily identify the traffic from the respective country. In the case of local businesses, you can easily narrow down the results with the help of filtering options as per city.  

How to Select the Best Datacenter Location for Your Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

From the given example, you can see that maximum traffic is coming from India and the United States, etc. You can host your site on any server location based on these countries. For example, India consists of a maximum number of visitors and that server location is the best way to start with. For a global audience, you can consider a content delivery network (CDN).

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Below mentioned are essential tips for you to select the best data center location:

1. Location

Location is an important factor in selecting the right data center. You’ll get many alternatives for data center locations worldwide. If you’re getting a proper facility of physical location then it becomes easy for your business to operate. Additionally, don’t forget to take into consideration how the area is susceptible to natural disasters like tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  

2. Physical Space

The physical space is another crucial digital space for your sizing needs. The excellent data center should have bigger and better spaces to permit equipment to run more efficiently. In case of disaster strikes, search for facilities that offer dedicated office space for disaster recovery and business continuity.

3. Scalability

When a data center is able to meet all your requirements, then you can think that it will support your growth in the future. Every data center is unique in terms of flexibility, some provide out of box solutions with limited options, and others offer more customized solutions that are tailored to business requirements. Don’t worry to search out more options about the availability of more space and power if needed.  

4. Security

Businesses whether it’s small, medium, or big consist of critical data of businesses. Due to increasing demand for AI, faster data speed, and increasingly intelligent machines have made it easier to break any password or hack any critical data.

 It is necessary to host a server where you get state of art security measures that will keep your data secure. Also look for a physical server instead of opting for digital, where you can host your website. You can ask for proper guidance from your data center provider in form of video monitoring systems, granular access systems, biometrics, etc.

5. Compliance

Today, the internet has changed a lot than the previous once it was. With this, the website also needs to follow specific procedures and rules while communicating with people using a specific method. We do support GDPR if there is a requirement for dedicated and VPS hosting.  

6. Uptime

Uptime is one of the crucial factors that any buyer should consider while analyzing the data center. An uptime is nothing but the representation of the time when your website is online. We all are aware that the availability of the website plays an important role on the web. If your website is not available online then your visitor will get the wrong message and this creates a bad impression in the mind of visitors. In the market, we see many companies claiming to offer 100% uptime but this is an imaginary picture that web hosting provider portrays in front of their audience.  Hence, a genuine web hosting provider offers guaranteed uptimes of 99% or 99.95% which is possible and easy to achieve through redundant systems.

7. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the element that solves the limitations of location.  It is a network that interconnects the servers and speeds up the web page loading for data-heavy applications.

The main aim of using CDN is to lower the latency or decreases the delay in communication developed by the network’s design.  

It is generally used to load large files like images, videos, and other dynamic content. We also noticed that CDN boosts the speed of the website if the website is hosted in an overseas location.

8. Risk Factor Can’t be Skip

If we are talking about risk then we can’t forget risks like natural disasters, which can’t be controlled nor safeguarded. Hence, solid natural disasters can lead to long-term interruption.

To overcome such issues your web hosting provider should have nearby data center locations or you can say high proximity area. This combination is the best way to beat the balance between risk and proximity.

You can search for solutions online related to risk factors with a deep study. This allows you to locate a safe and secure place for your website and data center.

There are various other parameters included in assessing the risk; some of those are manageable by the data center. Due to modern data centers, it becomes easy to maintain the optimum temperature and perfect architecture for keeping the server safe with disaster management systems in place.  

Hostripples’s Global Data Center Locations

Hostripples offers 8 international data center locations. We guarantee to offer state – of – art datacenters along with speed, long time connectivity, and low latency for exceptional outcomes. You can any of below mentioned countries to host your website. Those are

  • India, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, France, Poland, and Canada

Wrapping Up

You must consider server location as per your target audience and ask your web hosting provider to offer the best data center facilities. We at Hostripples make sure that your website is available online 24*7 with our physical servers.

How to Select the Best Datacenter Location for Your Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting
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