Steps to Start a Fashion Blog with Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting

Steps to Start a Fashion Blog with Hostripples

The fashion industry is getting augmented and accordingly, people are also adopting trending fashion for changing their lifestyles. This has increased the demand for fashion blogs amongst people and bloggers also are moving towards starting a blog to express their dressing sense or style with the world.

It includes continuous involvement in popular fashion niches and posting fresh takes and style updates that will help your audience to read and implement in their lifestyle. If you’re a fashionista and wanted to showcase your style to the world then it’s suggested to start a fashion blog with Hostripples. This article will guide you in every manner so that you can easily start your fashion blog with us.

Let’s start with your fashion blog!

What is a Fashion blog?

Steps to Start a Fashion Blog with Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting

A fashion blog is a blog that highlights fashion-related posts to address the interest of a particular audience or niche.

Likewise, other successful fashion blogs focus on unique and stylish content for grabbing the attention of people.   

Fashion blogs consist of clothes, accessories and beauty tips, etc. It is your call what you want to cover on your blog. You can follow fashion bloggers to take inspiration.

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What You Should Include in a Fashion Blog?

Steps to Start a Fashion Blog with Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting

The content of a fashion blog should be full of images with eye-catchy designs. You should create a unique post in your own way and find out the right balance between information, entertainment, and marketing.

It is mandatory to post on a regular basis to get the target audience. You have to update your blog on weekly basis and publish three blogs in a week. The topic you can select as per your niche as a fashion blog also covers multiple niches.

Apart from this, you can have an about us page. It will help users to understand your page and you can grab the reader’s attention to boost the engagement rate.

Highlight a brief bio that proves your style along with social media links to make your effective blog. Plus, you can also write personal information telling about yourself and your interest in starting a fashion blog.

Ahead you need a contact us page to create communication between you and your users. If you’re using WordPress then you can install Contact Form 7 plugin for proper communication in terms of gaining email addresses.

However, these static pages are easy to develop, and themes with templates include the about and contact page links. Your audience expects nothing but continuous posting of new fashion trends and ideas.

Is Fashion Blogging Profitable?

Steps to Start a Fashion Blog with Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting

Every blogger aims to gain profit after starting a blog. Likewise, if you’re also looking to gain profit then it’s necessary to understand what makes a fashion blog successful. There are two-way metrics to measure success: one is reader engagement and revenue. One can’t happen without the other; both are interdependent.

You’ve to follow these metrics and publish great content, promote it vigorously, and opt for monetization. If traffic on the blog is getting higher then it will increase the income as well.

If you’re investing in paid ads then the maximum percentage of followers you can expect from that is for selling purposes. Plus, you can make a deal with boutiques to market the clothing and accessories on the blog and earn a margin through it. You can give occasional discounts and can create awareness amongst the audience.

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Steps to Design a Successful Fashion Blog:

After a deep summary of the fashion blog next is to understand the steps for designing the blog.

1) Select the Platform

While selecting the blogging platform, you will get many options that you can consider for your blog. You can check the features like content editor, design templates or support for themes, SEO tools, and ways to extend your blog features with third-party apps. In short, you’ve to make your blog unique from others.

However, it’s true that some platforms limit your access in terms of flexibility, simplicity, and cost. To avoid such issues, you can consider where you’ll get all the answers to your question regarding starting a blog.

 It is a giant that provides multiple features to make your blog attractive. You can easily customize your blog and use many plugins and themes for a unique look. Moreover, you can also buy domain and WordPress hosting from Hostripples at a competitive price.

2) Select a Web Hosting Provider

Few blogging platforms involve web hosting, but one solution that you can opt for the blog is, which is self-hosting. Because of CMS’s popularity, various web hosting providers provide WordPress with maximum features.  

Hostripples, for example, provides a competitive price for web hosting plans that include a one-click WordPress setup, free domain registration – if you buy 3 years of plans, a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, support service of 24*7*365 days, etc.

3) Select a Web Hosting plan

Before buying a web hosting plan, it’s suggested to explore the web hosting market. While comparing the web hosting providers, you will understand the cost and other essential features. After comparing the providers, you can start with shared hosting which is available at a low cost. It is the most affordable type of web hosting that you can start with.

Apart from this, you can also start with shared hosting plans built-in with WordPress that too at competitive prices with great features designed to attract new customers.  

4) Select the Domain Name For Your Blog

Another important step is to buy the domain name for creating an online presence. Generally, your blog domain name should be strong, short, and memorable that be able to catch maximum visitors online. 

Hostripples provides the best domain plans that you can start with. You may get a discount on the domain name for 1st year. Further, you can contact their sales team to understand more about their domain plan. 

5) Select a Fashion Blog Theme

If you’re starting with WordPress then you will get various options for themes in your WordPress blog. Amongst thousands of themes, it becomes hard to select the one for your blog. Therefore, to make your task easy we have highlighted the themes that you can choose from the list.  

  • Fashion Craze

The fashion Craze theme is clean and fast loading with modern designs. It also provides beautiful pages that will give superior look to your blog. They have a free version with mobile-friendly SEO, customization, and support for custom headers and two-column or full–width layout.

  • Fashion Freak

Fashion Freak is a bright blog theme with a classic design. The theme is designed in such a way that allows you to showcase your content effortlessly in a visually appealing way. It has high–resolution photography and renders the image beautifully on the screen. Its design is flexible and responsive. Visitors can view content from any screen size and device without compromising its design display. It has easy and dynamic customization. Hence, you can modify your edits and alter the files in the WordPress theme customizer.

  • Fashion Pin

It is like the Pinterest style and feminine WordPress theme suitable for professional bloggers. You can develop an appealing and eye catchy blog or website to share your expertise in fashion.

You also get a customized look and unlimited colors with 1000+ Google fonts. It is mobile-friendly and SEO optimized in terms of better ranking on search engines. However, the theme description does not end here newsletter facility is also available in this theme.

Advertised Your Blog

  • Social Media

You’ve to set up social media platforms to promote your blog content. To increase the engagement rate on your social media post then you’ve to post engaging posts. You have to create social media accounts on various platforms to get exposure for your business.

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  • SEO

SEO is another important part that helps to bring your business to the top of search engines. Whenever people search the keywords related to your content then your blog will rank for those keywords which will highlight the link of your blog. You can use Google Keyword planner and Google search console to get a general idea of keywords.  You can use those keywords to get in search results.

  • Share Buttons

This is yet another important factor that allows users to share your blog post among users on social media platforms.

  • On-Page and Off Page

This activity you can perform to bring your website or blog to the top in search engine results like Google.

  • Develop YouTube Channel

This channel will help you to promote your clothes and accessories live on YouTube channel. You can add slow-motion videos or reels to cater to attention on YouTube. You can check various fashion bloggers’ channels to get ideas about video content and its posting.

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This article is all set to guide you regarding how to start a fashion blog. You can opt for starting a fashion blog easily with Hostripples.

It is very important to find out your niche as the fashion industry includes “n” numbers of niches that are impossible to cater to; therefore, it’s suggested to decide on one niche to increase the promotion and monetization of the blog.

If you opt for Hostripples then you’ll experience an easy flow while setting up a blog with 24*7 support service, maximum uptime, and affordable cost.

Steps to Start a Fashion Blog with Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting
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