VPS or Dedicated Server? Know which is good for your Business

Earning a good profit is the ultimate aim of any business. But many of the businesses fail due to wrong decision making or improper planning. This too applies to the online businesses. In order to promote their business, a number of traditional businesses are switching to online platforms or to increase the reach of targeted […]

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How to use the Exim Mail Queue Manager in WHM

To Using the Exim Mail Queue Manager in WHM Exim is the mail software that runs on your server to control email delivery, there are mail queue management options you can use with Exim directly via the command line. In this article Hostripples will show you how you can manage your Exim mail queue on your VPS or […]

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How to Connect Remote Desktop of a VPS/Dedicated Server

To Connect Remote Desktop of a VPS/Dedicated Server In this article Hostripples are showing the steps to connect your windows pc to the dedicated server using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Application. Step 1 : Go to Start menu Step 2 : Select all programs. Step 3 : Click run. Step 4 : Type mstsc.exe to access remote desktop. Step 5 : […]

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