Why WordPress Website is running slow (Complete Guide), Hostripples Web Hosting

Why WordPress Website is running slow (Complete Guide)

Have you heard about WordPress?

Yes, I know it.

WordPress needs no intro as its popular CMS (Content Management Source) helps bloggers and other tech geeks to design their own websites worldwide.

Additionally, small business owners can also start with WordPress to cater maximum potential crowd.

WordPress is a great platform that anyone can consider to start a business website online. However, it’s universal that many WordPress eCommerce websites are successfully running online.     

Are you a WordPress owner?

Yes, it’s nice to hear that you started with WordPress to explore your talent worldwide.

But, If someone browses your WordPress website and it’s taking time to load, what will be your next step to it? You will look for alternatives to speed up your WordPress website.

Website loading speed!

These three words are more than enough to indicate many technical parameters about web hosting providers. The speedy website helps visitors to check your website instantly and boosts conversions, especially for eCommerce websites.  

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Quickly loading a website leads to significant consequences such as improvement in SEO rankings. It is believed that websites that take ages to load will hamper website traffic and income too. It is crucial to figure out why your WordPress website is slow and it’s needed to get online success.

 WordPress usage is increasing yearly, showing that WordPress CMS can’t be ignored. Although, its installation may be slow, unresponsive, or simply slow. To overcome these challenges we need to understand how to speed up website performance. 

Exploration of WordPress Website – From Server to Browser

Handling a slow WordPress website is a tough call in various ways. Foremost, it’s not appropriate for the user experience. Users who are browsing your website expect websites to load quickly and if they didn’t experience a fast loading speed of the website then it will increase the bound rate as users will get diverted to competitors’ websites.

SEO is not for slow-loading websites because search engine algorithms prefer websites that are loaded like Speedball.       

In case the website is loading slowly then it will get penalized in the search engine rankings. Last, it will also affect the bottom line because fewer visitors will visit your website and actual buying will take place.

If you’re a web developer then getting these challenges solved will be the ultimate win.

Everything is depending on the web hosting provider and they only determine the speed as well. Such factors are available technologies like for example; PHP and MySQL, which are essential for WordPress to work.  Hostripples support the latest version of PHP and MySQL. This gives a clear and fair picture from a web host’s point of view, it provides a fast and secure environment.   

However, outdated versions also significantly hurt your website’s performance so; your host must support the latest PHP version WordPress supports to avoid obstacles.

Finally yet important is Content Delivery Network, but it’s optional. A CDN is responsible for getting a visitor to your website from a nearby location. CDN ensures that your website will get delivered to your audience all the time even if you’ve planned maintenance. All these factors equally play an important role so it’s time to take a look in detail.    

List of Tools to check the speed of the website

There are several tools available to check the speed and performance of a website. Here are some popular ones:

Google PageSpeed Insights

Why WordPress Website is running slow (Complete Guide), Hostripples Web Hosting

This tool analyzes your website and provides a performance score out of 100, along with suggestions for improving speed and user experience. It also offers separate scores for mobile and desktop versions.


Why WordPress Website is running slow (Complete Guide), Hostripples Web Hosting

GTmetrix provides a detailed analysis of your website’s speed and performance. It provides insights such as page load time, total page size, number of requests, and more. It also generates a performance report with recommendations for optimization.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Why WordPress Website is running slow (Complete Guide), Hostripples Web Hosting

Pingdom offers a comprehensive website speed test that analyzes various aspects, including load time, page size, and performance grades. It provides a waterfall view to help identify slow-loading elements on your site.

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Checklist of reasons why WordPress is loading slowly

  • Using poor web hosting service
  • Using a low-grade web hosting plan
  •  Using multiple plugins or unnecessary plugins
  • Unsatisfactory database optimization
  • No caching or CDN
  • Frequent requesting HTTP requests
  • Inferior coding and programming

Why my WordPress website is slow?

While troubleshooting a website, the user needs to pay attention to the right things and it’s always good to be one step ahead with corrective measures.    

Once issues are rectified then moving ahead to make the necessary changes is mandatory.  

1# Consider the best web hosting provider

Selecting the best web hosting provider is essential to experience the best performance of the website.

No matter whether your website is designed in WordPress or from scratch, the best WordPress hosting provider is enough to provide top loading speed.  

The best WordPress hosting provider will provide you the plenty of resources and the latest security features to keep it safe. That is why; Hostripples has bagged the title of best web hosting provider among clients by providing them necessary help and quality support service on time i.e. 24*7.   

2# Select the correct web hosting plan

You should opt for the right web hosting plan tier to suit your needs as per the situation. Take it as an investment but don’t overspend if there is no need.

If an eCommerce website is receiving thousands of daily visitors then it’s suggested to opt for Managed WordPress hosting plan to avail of several benefits like frequent backups, malware scans, and the peace of mind that everything works as per advertised.  

For example, if any blog is receiving 100 to 500 visitors only then you can save money by opting for a shared hosting plan or any optimized WordPress plan.  

As a small business owner, if you want to scale your business then you need to upgrade to VPS hosting or managed WordPress hosting. These plans come with multiple features like more dedicated resources, more storage space, and, automatic backups. Starting with Hostripples is always added advantage for all types of business owners.  

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3# Install genuine plugins

We know that WordPress consists of dozens of plugins and installing too many plugins will slow down your website. Avoid downloading the plugin from unknown sources. You’ll be on the safe side if you download plugins from the official WordPress repository. Check various sources from where you’ll get information about new launch plugins, no of installed plugins and reviews of any plugins, etc.  

Try using those plugins only that are needed for operating the website.

4# Optimize images on your WordPress Website

Optimized images play a vital role in fast-loading websites. Photos and videos uploaded in the wrong format such as PNG files with a large file size and resolution will affect the performance of the website. Consult an expert for optimizing the images for the fast loading speed of the website.    

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5# Implement Caching and CDN

Caching is the best technique that helps to speed up your WordPress website. Caching elements that don’t get changed is the best way to ensure that website loads easily irrespective of any location of the user. Caching gets clear with a plugin called Jetpack or WP Super Cache in WordPress or using your web host’s control panel.  

Using a super-fast CDN is an excellent way of making your website faster and more efficient. It also saves resources as it takes less time for the server to load the cached data than loading all data from scratch all the time. Moreover, your website will be available on the web 24/7 with just one click.

6# Optimize WordPress Website’s Code

HTTP shows trust to the users and bridges the gap between a web browser and the website. If nonstop hits for HTTP increase then outdated plugins and other types of scripts can affect the working and coding of the website.   

Inspecting your website with the browser inspection tools can reveal plugins, javascript, and other elements that show your website down. Decrease external HTTP requests and delete unused CSS files that load the website slowly.     

7# Accredit Website Compression

If you want your website to perform something unique apart from speed then using the compression features that are included in your web hosting plan will add benefit. Compressing your website with efficient formats like GZip and Brotli can decrease the size of pages and all their elements, thus this will increase the speed of the website.  

8# Optimize your WordPress Database

Your WordPress database plays a crucial role in running the website, and a badly optimized website will significantly slow down the website. If you removed plugins from the step above, then it’s suggested to perform a database check to see if any of these plugins has left behind.   

Extra tips to speed up the WordPress website

  • Knock out hotlinking
  • 24/7 monitor the performance of your WordPress site
  • Update your WordPress website’s core, plugin, and themes
  • Allow professionals to browse your website

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It’s time to implement everything

WordPress is the best CMS for developing and hosting a website. From web hosting to WordPress plugins, from compression to image optimization, all these techniques will help you to enhance your website’s performance.    

If your web hosting provider is genuine and fast in terms of delivering the excellent groundwork service for developing the WordPress website then you can assume that you’re in safe hands.  

Monitor your WordPress website performance thoroughly and stick to the action before it takes too long.

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Why WordPress Website is running slow (Complete Guide), Hostripples Web Hosting
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