Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type

Expansion and exposure are a human tendency and this is adaptive to technology also. In Today’s world technology is rapidly changing and so on business. Now, the internet has given a new area of exposures to all business regardless of boundaries and barriers of location and physical reach to the customer. Web Hosting is playing […]

Smart VPS hosting services @ hostripples!

VPS Server is nothing but an virtual part of physical server which has its own features, resources and capabilities which are actually divided from the Dedicated Server. Also it is equivalent with the dedicated servers. Hostripples Hosting services are now offering the Virtual Private Servers which has balance of server Control and huge power of […]

Remote Desktop Hosting and its benefits for small businesses

remote Desktop Hosting and its benefits for small businesses This article covers benefits of remote desktop hosting also known as terminal server hosting for small businesses. It allows you to access and run any windows program or application from any computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access. Examples include: Quick-books, custom access databases applications, […]