Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type, Hostripples Web Hosting

Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type

Expansion and exposure are a human tendency and this is adaptive to technology also. In Today’s world technology is rapidly changing and so on business. Now, the internet has given a new area of exposures to all business regardless of boundaries and barriers of location and physical reach to the customer.

Web hosting is playing an important part in the online industry. Having an online presence is now a necessity in today’s time and, now websites are moving into the online business phase. So when you start thinking for your online business, you have to think for web hosting and domain name to register a business name. While choosing, you should be aware of which hosting platform is suitable for your website. To understand and choose the best hosting provider for your website you should know the basic of hosting and the types of web hosting.

Let’s start with what is Web Hosting? Web hosting is the service which allows the business, organization, and individuals to post page or to sell the product on the Internet. It’s the technology and services which provide a website or webpage to be seen on the internet. Webpage or website which are hosted, or stored, on special computers is called servers. For this, you have to first register your domain name and then your website will be live. When someone wants to visit your website, they have to type website address or domain name into their browser. After this, the computer will connect to the server and then your webpage will be delivered to them.

Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type, Hostripples Web Hosting

Web hosting is divided into two types, first on the technology and second on performance. When we say base on the technology the basic categories are Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. There are much different operating systems who support to make available your website publicly. These operating systems can be enabled for web hosting environment using some rebuild control panels like world-class cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Control Panel, etc. These technologies or control panel also works on virtualization like Xen, KVM, OpenVZ. We will see these different technologies and their benefits in brief below.

Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type, Hostripples Web Hosting

Now how to choose the right technology is a query and this can be decided based on website coding and its supporting development language in which it’s developed. You can choose a Linux Hosting when your operating system has this PHP, HTML, Python, Perl. And you need Windows hosting especially when you have. ASP.NET or MSSQL as the backend database

We have seen the technology-based approach and now, Let’s see how it affects website performance?

Now, Let’s talk on Website Performance. It is like two sides of the coin, not at all complete without below mention points:-

1.How well optimized is your website code and database?

Optimizing your website is very important in search engines and user point of perspective. The code is been taken care of by the developer of the website. It should be flawless and had followed do’s and don’ts of all SEO aspect. Database structure and SQL statements also play a vital role in the optimization and performance of the website. These things come together to affect the loading speed of the website and quick functioning of it. Along with it, you should also focus on the overall user experience of your site. In order to know whether your site has a good user experience or not, all you have to do is take a review of your website/app from 10-15 persons in your contact.

2. How many resources are allocated for your website/application?

When you choose the Hosting provider you should ask them about the resources they are going to allocate to your website or hosting space. These resources can be listed as Disk, Bandwidth, RAM, CPU, etc. These elements are important to run any website smoothly. Let’s see the different hosting type and its performance.

• Shared Hosting

• VPS hosting

• Dedicated Hosting

  1. Shared Hosting –
Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type, Hostripples Web Hosting

” Shared hosting ” its name itself reflects/reflected its behavior, this type of hosting does share the server resources with all the other users hosted on the same and can be varied accordingly from time to time. This is the most sensitive hosting type you should consider if you want to isolate your website privacy or uptime. If you need maximum uptime and minimal problems with website loading speed you should not choose shared hosting as your hosting platform. This platform is mainly for bloggers or informative websites with less number of traffic.

  • VPS Hosting –
Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type, Hostripples Web Hosting

VPS is a Virtualize technology where you get the premium access to your resources up to a certain level of capacity of the main node. And this capacity can be utilized according to your need as and when needed. You should know how many maximum resources your website or application will be consuming. If so this is the perfect solution for your website needs. Virtual private servers can be differentiated depending on the technology they run on like:- 

  • VMware server
  • XEN
  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
  • OpenVZ
  • KVM

The benefit you get out of the virtualization is better utilization of available resources by managing it according to your need. The required management behind this has increased the flexibility which in return reduce the expenses you need to run the website or server. The major fact of VPS is no more overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment for your server. In simple words reducing the number of a physical server into the virtual server which reduces the required resources of running the multiple servers like server administrator, power consumption, space, cool and lot more!

  • Dedicated Server Hosting –
Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type, Hostripples Web Hosting

On top of VPS technology dedicated server is a 100% allocation of available resources to your website or applications. As this denies the possibility of sharing your resources to other website and application. It also secures your website from other infected content/website. A dedicated server gives you the complete freedom to optimize your server application and software on it which definitely affects your website speed and performance. You can implement an additional layer of security on a dedicated server to protect your data and privacy.

Dedicated server hosting also gives us the flexibility of customizing the server according to the client’s unique list of requirements like CPU, RAM, DISK allocation and software. With the shared hosting and VPS hosting type, we get restricted to the server resources allocation as per the administrative and hosting packages.

Above all do’s and don’ts must have given you the idea of types of hosting and technique to choose the right one for your hosting needs. Once you are clear about what and how much you need from the Web Hosting Provider your next step is to choose the right hosting provider who gives the maximum uptime and hassle-free support all time. Many of us must not be aware of the technical server-side issues and for that, we need the good technical support which not only understands the hosting problems but also gives the solutions to it in a timely manner.

On the basis of experience & going through various troubleshooting in web hosting world, we as a hosting provider would suggest all our readers try for Hostripples Hosting which deals in all segments like shared hosting, VPS hosting, SSD VPS, Dedicated server, Cloud Hosting, and the best part is the support we offer to our clients.

we hope this article clears all your thought regarding web hosting and getting started with it. If still, you have any doubts please feel free to comment and share your views.

Smart Way For Entrepreneurs to Choose The Right Hosting Type, Hostripples Web Hosting
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