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Starting Your Web Hosting Business During This Corona Pandemic.

When things came up at, you want to start a hosting business, and if you don’t have enough money to invest into it like to buy a server or to set up a lab and all facility due to corona pandemic, etc, in such a case Hostripples provides you an option of Reseller hosting from which you can utilize there hosting setup to start your hosting business with great pricing. So ultimately it helps you to start your hosting business with less investment.

But choosing the right hosting provider to start your business can be a little bit difficult for anyone who is not well aware of the requirements to start the business, requirements such as server information, server infrastructure pricing, etc. So in this blog, we are going to see the basic requirement to start a hosting business as well as how to choose the right hosting provider for your reseller business.

When you are going to start up a new business then there is various important point need to keep in minds such as pricing, raw material, customer requirement, marketing, end-user satisfaction and many more. But when you are going to step into hosting business with reseller account in which you don’t have any setup at all the main requirement of the business is your base requirement which means infrastructure setup. The infrastructure set up plays a major role while starting up your reseller hosting.

In the reseller hosting business, more than 80% of your hosting business depends on your hosting provider. And If he did not have the right infrastructure setup then it may cause a problem to your clients. If the problems occur due to your hosting provider or its wrong infrastructure setup then it is directly going to affect your clients and it makes your client unsatisfied. And in business, nobody wants to make their client unsatisfied because it makes your business lose. So here we are going to help you to choose the right hosting provider for reseller business on the basis of infrastructure.

Servers are the primary concern to start any online business as well as to start your reseller business.

So while selecting a hosting provider make sure that your hosting provider offers you the following services:

Uninterrupted Power & Server Backup:-

Power is the main source to make and keep your server in running condition. Just imagine if you have 50 clients in your reseller hosting account from a different location. Your server is located at some other country suddenly the power breakdown happens on server location and the server goes offline what will you answer the client? It might be possible that the websites run by your clients are the website come under essential serveries such as medical services, or news reporting website or any government websites or e-commerce websites, etc. The offline server will create a huge chaos. To avoid that it is important to keep your server running 24X7.

Power loss is always happening in the various country for different reasons such as grid failure, or maintenance purpose, or due to natural activities such as lightning and others which are not controlled by humans. But in such a case if your client living in another country why should he/she need to face inconvenience due to such reasons. To avoid such a scenario uninterrupted power supply and power backup should be a priority by your hosting provider.

Efficient Cooling:-

As we know that your server is nothing but a CPU which is made up of parts like Processor, RAM, Memory and other every device connected to CPU consumes the power in terms of electricity. But as we are living in a smart edge, these devices are made to consumes the power as per their requirement, the process itself called a power-saving mode. This power-saving condition occurs only when your server has less load due to less traffic on the website or limited communication is happening from the server. But in most of the case or in real-time scenario the things are exactly opposite.

If you have a reseller hosting account on a shared server then there is a higher possibility that your server is utilizing its resources at a higher amount because lots of other websites are also get hosted from the same server. As we already know that if the resource requirement increases power consumption will also increase and if power consumption get increases the heat dissipation increases as it states in the law of thermodynamic “energy can be converted from one form to another with the interaction of heat”. And if the energy or power utilization is increasing due to processor, RAM and other parts ultimately they start heating up so badly that they might get burned by the heat and even if they didn’t burn the extreme heat will make them work improperly, the result ends up with making your server slow down or offline, which is not good.

To avoid that keeping your server cool is more important as the device manufacturer are already has taken care of that on there level, we also need to take care of that. For that servers are needed to be placed at different server rooms with a cooling unit, we at Hostripples make sure that they have an efficient cooling system to avoid future inconvenience.

Specific Hardware Brand Requirement:-

Most of the hosting providers use low quality or cheap hardware to set up their server which might create a problem in the future and to recover from that they might ask you to pay more. To avoid this situation ask your hosting service provider which kind of hardware they are using for their server, you can also ask them for the specific hardware requirement as per your need. This will help you to prevent from getting into difficult situations and also save you from wasting time.

Technical Web Support:-

Technical support is the most important service that needs to be provided by any hosting provider. So many questions and problems may arise while hosting a website for a client. To solve these problems you need to be technically perfect in that field. When you are going to start a reseller hosting business, you don’t know what kind of technical problem may occur. If the question arises then clients are going to ask a solution to you which is definitely a difficult task to manage.

To solve their problem you need to grasp those technical skills which are definitely going to take a couple of years. To avoid this you should ask for technical support from your hosting service provider, also what kind of support they provide such as telephonic, chat or email, is that technical support is 24 X 7 or not. Taking this into consideration we at Hostripples provide 24*7*365 day technical support via email, live chat, and telephone.

Language/Platform Support:-

hosting business, Starting Your Web Hosting Business During This Corona Pandemic., Hostripples Web Hosting

The two most common web hosting packages offered by companies are Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. Linux is known for its being open source and easy to access nature. It is also relatively less expensive. Besides, it is easier to create websites in Linux, because of which it is one of the most popular operating systems for web developers. The windows hosting is known for good security reasons also lots of people are more familiar with windows rather than Linux which helps them to create and access websites easily. Hostripples provide almost all Language / Platform Support because our primary focus is to fulfill customer’s requirements.

Business Agility:-

With technological innovations rapidly changing the market place, business agility should be an important focus of an organization. Streamlining infrastructure creates an efficient workflow. With constant dynamic changes in the business, it is important to be able to adapt, concerning the web hosting infrastructure. For example, a change in design or concept of a website, such as the addition of an e-commerce module (try our osCommerce Hosting), should be done quickly with all services and support provided to the client. There must be a provision to be able to adapt to such business changes. Otherwise, you would be incurring losses and could gain a negative reputation on your client and in the market of your reseller services.

Cost Equation:-

Cost is a major factor when it comes to selecting the right hosting service plan. You have to take into account the business being generated, the type of server being used, security, support, infrastructure, business needs, and any additional services. A reseller business with the right infrastructure is an attractive and good proposition to prospective clients. Besides, it provides a scope for expansion of business, and aids in maximizing the revenue potential.


To start your reseller hosting business above are some important factors need to take into consideration apart from that there are lots of other factors you need to check on the basis of your clients such as server location (See Hostripples server locations), memory, creating plans for your clients allocating resources to them and many more this factor can be guided by your hosting provider.

Starting Your Web Hosting Business During This Corona Pandemic., Hostripples Web Hosting
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