Command Line Tools to Monitor The Linux Server

In many situations, we need to perform a Linux command-line operation but we might not know the right utility to run. After being a Linux Administrator for years, I can say how difficult it is to monitor and keep systems up & running. A command is script, programs & libraries that have been created with […]

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VPS or Dedicated Server? Know which is good for your Business

Earning a good profit is the ultimate aim of any business. But many of the businesses fail due to wrong decision making or improper planning. This too applies to the online businesses. In order to promote their business, a number of traditional businesses are switching to online platforms or to increase the reach of targeted […]

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Hostripples Black friday cyber monday

What Started Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

What is Black Friday?  So the holiday season is on its way once again which can only mean that “Black Friday”, is also on its way. With each year that comes around we hear this phrase used more and more, but what exactly is “Black Friday”? What does it mean? Well! Let me tell you! […]

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