How to upload the bulk files under the document root with the help of file manager?

Most of the times its hard to upload the multiple files by selecting single file…To upload a lot of files to the server at the same time, zip your files on your PC into a single zip, then choose the ‘Upload files’ option in your CPanel File manager. Upload the ZIP file into the location where you want the files to appear. After the file has been uploaded, choose the ‘Extract’ option. The ZIPped files will immediately be extracted from the ZIP archive and will appear in the folder where the ZIP file is located. It is much faster to upload one zip file than it is to upload multiple individual files and the unzipping process on the server is very fast!

In the same way you can select a number of files in your file manager and select ‘Compress’. Choose the ZIP format as the option to compress the files. One zip file will be created that you can then download to your hard disk by selecting the ‘Download’ link.

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