How to Convert Non-responsive WordPress site into WordPress Mobile Friendly Site.

Move to WordPress Mobile Friendly Site.

Now a day’s every one of us, who uses internet for daily needs and as a part of our professional, we need Website which is Attractive, Accessible and user friendly.

Now when we say user friendly what exactly it is ?

We can say that the website is user friendly when each visitor can see and understand your website quickly and able to handle it without wasting time on struggling to get the content he needed from site.  So, to achieve this very important Aspect of online present “User Friendly” what we need to take care of ?

We must understand that the visitor on our website can come from any resource like laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet which may content different browsers , screen resolution or Operating system. So we never know who will see our website and how it will look like. It is necessary to highlight our website main content and provide the best information on home page irrespective of from where viewer coming from.

Now you must be thinking what I should do to make sure so that we are achieving our goals and attracting each and every visitor coming to our website.

Check if your current website is responsive or not by going on below magical links !

, How to Convert Non-responsive WordPress site into WordPress Mobile Friendly Site., Hostripples Web Hosting

Check out how we can make Any WordPress Site Mobile Friendly in 6 steps and less than 30 minutes. What we need to before we start on it is below plugins.

Theme Test Drive

Mobile Smart

Select a mobile theme to use when viewing site on smart phone. Install it. Make sure whatever theme you choose allows for you to put custom CSS code directly into the theme options.

Our next step will be Install Theme Test Drive and Mobile Smart or Mobile Smart Pro plugins. Activate this plugin and now Setup mobile menu and widgets for mobile theme. While you are in theme test drive mode and logged into your admin area, view the site and adjust CSS styling as desired. Visit Mobile Smart settings and adjust as desired. Select the them you want to use when site is viewed on a mobile phone.

Optional: (if using Mobile Smart Pro plugin) Visit any page or post and edit the mobile version of the content.

It is much important to remember while creating your website that how it’s going to look on desktop as well as on mobile. We strongly suggest our readers to go with WordPress Friendly Hosting like HOSTRIPPLES”  cause It matters where you hosted and how its been seared by your service provider. 


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