Difference between Django registration and Django registration Redux

When you are talking about different packages in Django then, Django registration and Django Registration Redux are the two different Python packages. Although they are the same Python packages. The reason they are the same Python packages is that you might see that the original package developers of  Django registration might have stopped developing or […]

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joomla cms hosting

Which CMS should you use for your website?

CMS stands for Content Management System. WordPress powers more than 51% of the worlds entire internet especially the backbone on which the internet is built upon. If you are looking for developers, WordPress is going to offer most of the resources than anything else. Most significant amount over the competitors like Joomla.  A lot of […]

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How to Convert Non-responsive WordPress site into WordPress Mobile Friendly Site.

Move to WordPress Mobile Friendly Site. Now a day’s every one of us, who uses internet for daily needs and as a part of our professional, we need Website which is Attractive, Accessible and user friendly. Now when we say user friendly what exactly it is ? We can say that the website is user […]

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