What’s New in Hostripples Windows Package with  Plesk Onyx ?, Hostripples Web Hosting

What’s New in Hostripples Windows Package with Plesk Onyx ?

At Hostripples you will get all under one roof which you needed to boost your bussiness online. We are Bound to provide you with latest technologies and features via our unfriendly panels and 24×7 support.
We are happy to communicate that all of our Shared Windows Package and Windows reseller packages are available with all the new feature under your control panel.
Features like improved SSL management,Docker support, System Update tools,Ruby Support, Python Support, Lets Encrypt, Java App deployment tool and lots more.

Along with above feature you will get WordPress Toolkit, Extensions Catalog, DKIM/DMARC.

What’s New in Hostripples Windows Package with  Plesk Onyx ?, Hostripples Web Hosting

In WordPress Toolkit 2.0, Plesk have added a number of hot new features aimed at Web Pros to help them make working with staging websites and synchronizing changes between different WordPress websites a breeze. Here is what you can do:

Create a perfect copy of your WordPress website in a matter of seconds.
Copy changes made to the files and the database from one WordPress website to another.
Effortlessly import WordPress websites hosted elsewhere into Plesk and manage them using WordPress Toolkit.
Gain a fine degree of control by running WP-CLI commands directly from the command-line interface.
Get to the bottom of any issue. A flexible suite of options allows you to enable individual aspects of WordPress debugging.
If your WordPress website is not yet ready for the prime time, make it invisible to search engines by disabling indexing.
Stay up-to-date by configuring WordPress Toolkit to automatically install all WordPress updates, security updates only, or no updates at all.

Extensions Catalog
Check out the new Extensions Catalog and be sure to pay attention to the new features:

Browse extensions in style with a redesigned Extensions Catalog interface. User-friendly and intuitive, it helps you get things done faster.
Use categories to filter available extensions and find the ones you need.
Check out new and featured extensions to discover what is popular with other Plesk users right now.
Request the creation of an extension if you could not find one to suit your needs.
Rate your favorite extensions so that everyone knows that they are cool!

To help and keep our customers safe, Hostripples joins the fight with DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and SRS support.

DKIM and SPF are modern email validation methods designed to detect email spoofing and prevent spammers from being able to pretend that their mail is sent from a specific trusted domain, when in fact it is not.
DMARC is an email validation scheme built on top of SPF and DKIM. It allows webmasters to declare what validation method(s) must be used when checking mail purportedly sent from their domain, and what to do with mail that fails validation.
SRS is a scheme for rewriting the envelope sender address of an email message as it is being forwarded, so that bounced mail can be delivered to the sender regardless of their SPF policy.

What’s New in Hostripples Windows Package with  Plesk Onyx ?, Hostripples Web Hosting