Understanding Linux File System Hierarchy | Linux Directory Structure

All files on a Linux system are stored on file systems which are organized into a single inverted tree of directories, known as a file system hierarchy. This tree is inverted because the root of the tree is said to be at the top of the hierarchy, and the branches of directories and subdirectories stretch […]

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Command Line Tools to Monitor The Linux Server

In many situations, we need to perform a command-line operation but we might not know the right utility to run. After being a Linux Administrator for years, I can say how difficult it is to monitor and keep systems up & running. A command is script, programs & libraries that have been created with the […]

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Manage your software RAIDs

RAID: You must know about RAIDs if you are in hosting industry. As client or as an server admin. As a client, we must have idea about various types of RAIDs with their functionality and advantages-disadvantages then n then only we can choose best server hardware for us. Sysadmin must know the RAID administration part, to […]

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