VMware Workstation Installation Error

Hello, error: Searching for a valid kernel header path… The path “” is not valid. Would you like to change it? [yes] What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel? What VMWare workstation needs is the kernel-header and kernel-devel package from the same version with your current […]

The Ultimate Guide for Cloudflare cPanel Plugin Installation on Server

Integrating Cloudflare cPanel plugin with cPanel helps the client to enable the Cloudflare protection on the domain easily. Before installing the Cloudflare Plugin, you should get the HOST KEY from CloudFlare Partners. Cloudflare is a widely used service which provides security and helps to load website faster. It helps in the mitigation of DDoS attacks […]

Elastic Map Reduce (Sahara): Introduction, Integration with swift and Installation

Today’s blog will walk you through the introduction of Sahara, how it integrates with swift and the steps to install Sahara on your system. Elastic Map Reduce (Sahara) is one of the components of OpenStack and with this component; we are going to continue our discussion on components of OpenStack through our series! Sahara: An […]