How to Change Application Locale Configuration?

Configure Application Locales

Today’s topic is “Configure Application Locales” in which we are going to discuss about Locales i.e. What is Locales? Which tasks they perform? And How to change Application Locale Configuration?

A brief introduction of “Locales”:

In simple words, we can say that locale system is used for localization of text which is in Perl, JavaScript or Template Toolkit.


It means to translate a text in one language into many other languages and also include ethic adjustments for making a product which can be used globally.

It is statistics software provided by cPanel which supports many languages. It includes a hash in which keys and values are included in a bracket notation. Each value represents a converted version of the key for example: if the default locale is English (en) then its value will be empty but if the user is French (fr) then the setting in cPanel Statistics software will be such that the user can view the Weblizer statistics in “French”. The phase itself is the key in the hash.

For the Locale names, the locale system uses ISO codes from CLDR which stands for: Unicode Common Locale Data Repository. For Example: For French the locale name is fr or for British English it is en_gb.

Let’s check out the tasks of localization:

You can distribute locales; you can use converted or translated phrases in custom interface templates or as an output of command line. A custom locale can also be deleted.

Thus the statistics software provided by the cPanel supports variety of languages as discussed above.

WHM offers an interface which is “Configure Application Locales” helps you to translate the language into a language preferred by the customer.

For accessing this interface follow the below steps:

Log in to /WHM >> Locate “Locales” option >> click “Configure Application Locales”>> Following interface will appear:

Rebuild the locale databases:-

This option is used for updating the existing list of the locales present on the system. The “Rebuild the locale databases” option is located at the bottom of this interface.

Let’s see how to configure application locale:

Perform the following steps for changing your application configure locale:

  1. Select the value which you want to change it to, from the Analog menu.
  2. Select the value which you want to change it to, from the Awstats menu.
  3. Select the value which you want to change it to, from the Weblizer menu.
  4. Click “Save”.


The above changes which you have made for the statistics programs will not get reflected until the next statistics update.

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