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Security Advisor

In this blog, we are going to use the security advisor to analyze our system and offer some helpful tests to better secure the server.

Let’s go ahead and login to WHM. Here we are in the WHM Home Interface.

Let’s scroll down to the “Security Center” section and click “Security Advisor”. A new interface will appear.

And we will automatically begin an analysis of your server. That’s the whole thing that tells you that it is still running. Once it’s done it’s the finished time will appear. Each item provides a link to appropriate interface, documentation or instructions on how to resolve that issue.

Red items are severe and should be resolved immediately.

Yellow items are important and you should resolve then as soon as possible.

Most of these notices will tell you to run EasyApache to check for the updates. We will cover EasyApache in another Blog.

Like Grey notices aren’t critical. But you should read them and take any necessary actions.

I will cover wheel user in another blog. Green items are information, unlike you know that the service or feature is currently secured or does not currently need attention.

After you fix the few settings click scan again to scan the system for more security issues. Once the issues in various wheels like red, yellow, grey are resolved they will be moved to the green wheel.


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