How to do Minor Security changes to FTP

How to do Minor Security changes to FTP

Let’s go ahead and login to WHM.

Here we are in the WHM home interface.

Let’s talk about the FTP service for a moment –

  1. It allows you to transfer files i.e. you can upload and download the files using FTP protocol.
  2. FTP is not secure.
  3. Username and passwords are not encrypted.
  4. There is another option which you can use instead of FTP to securely upload and download files and it is use of web disk and SFTP.
  5. However you must absolutely use FTP.

Let’s use it in correct way:

Scroll down to “Service Configuration” and click “FTP Server Configuration set up”. A new interface will appear.

Scroll down to allow Anonymous logins setting. You should set it to ‘No’. If it isn’t already set to ‘No’, this is Security vulnerability and it will not allow the people or user unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Also set Allow Anonymous updates to ‘No’.

Finally scroll down to allow logins which will ask the password as I said before the username and password are unencrypted when you use FTP protocol.

So this is a huge No!

Let’s change this to ‘No’.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the interface and click ‘Save’.

A confirmation message will appear.


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