Why you should use EasyApache4?

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why you should use EasyApache4?

Today we are going to talk about Why you should make the switch to EasyApache4?

EasyApache4 is a placement for EasyApache3. It has overhauled the product, made it faster, more flexible and customizable. So why should you use EasyApache4?

Most importantly we deprecated EasyApache3 in 2018. EasyApache3 is the blocker for cPanel and WHM version78. If you want to upgrade the version 78 your server must have EasyApache 4. EasyApache4 provides a much faster and more customizable process than EasyApache3. Because EasyApache4 provides all its packages through RPM’s. You receive frequent updates and they are also introducing new features right your way.

Installing a new module on your server is as easy as installing the package.


No rebuild of whole web stack required in many cases. Now to install a new package, just add it in the interface mod_brot in the provisional profile or you can use your yum to do it.

Then scroll down and click “Review”

Then again scroll down and click “Provision”. You will receive a confirmation message regarding completion of provision process.


EasyApache4 requires Apache 2.4 only and PHP 5.4 or higher. EasyApache4 provides almost all of the same modules as EasyApache3 in addition EasyApache4 also offers the new modules that you cannot use in EsayApache3. Such as http2, Mod_brotli and mod_evasive plus in EasyApsche4 you can customize your installation even further because EasyApache4 uses RPM’s in yum, you can use your own RPM and modules if we don’t provide with what you are looking for.

EasyApache4 offers versions 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2. EasyApache 3 only supports up to PHP version 5.6, because version PHP 5.6 reaches End of Life at the end of 2018, you would no longer receive updates in and you risk your system security if you remain on EasyApache3. One of the most exciting features that EsayApache4 is –

It’s the ability to use multiple version of PHP simultaneously on one system.

You can run your domains on different versions of PHP additionally you can use your own customized version of PHP if you desire.

It has made managing your systems PHP versions easily with MultiPHP interface. You can easily switch your domain in different versions of PHP with just a click of a button.


You should upgrade easily without worrying about compatibility issues. If your system still runs Apache 2.2 we will attempt to upgrade your system during the migration process. EasyApache 4 is just better and it’s the way of the future. If you are ready to migrate from EasyApache 3 you can do it with yourself by navigating to the EsayApache4 interface in cPanel and WHM and the system will start the process if you would like some help.

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