Top 8 Symptoms To Know For Upgrading The Web Hosting Plan, Hostripples Web Hosting

Top 8 Symptoms To Know For Upgrading The Web Hosting Plan


How’s your web hosting is doing? I hope it must be doing its assigned task which is to host the website.

But, what about you?

Are you keeping yourself updated in terms of updating the web hosting plan? If yes, then it’s a good sign for your business. Whereas if your answer is no then my friend you’re in danger or I can say your website, right?

If your website is experiencing these mentioned symptoms then you need to upgrade your current web hosting plan soon.

Check below the top 10 symptoms that you should know for upgrading the web hosting plan.

Your Website Is Operating Slowly

If your site is running slowly then you’re going to experience a heavy bounce rate on your website.

This is because your visitors are going to leave your website if your website is running slowly.

On the other side, Google will also not entertain your website in search results. This will decrease the speed of the website.

If you have come across this issue then you need to upgrade your web hosting plan to VPS or dedicated web hosting to experience a good speed and dwell time on the website.

You need to upload images and videos to your website

You must be wondering why I am telling you to upload images and videos on the website. This is because the website consisting of images and videos will take time to load, right?

In such cases, you need to change your web hosting plan to experience the fast loading speed of images and videos on the website.

However, this indicates you need to change your current web hosting plan to VPS or Cloud hosting plan to give a better experience to your visitors and search engines.

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Traffic Is Increased

If visitors are visiting your website then it means your website is growing or enhancing properly.  

This somehow indicates that you need to switch on bigger plan to experience a good dwell time on your website.

 This is needed to keep your website ready for unusual traffic. Bandwidth is also essential to serve more traffic.

The longer you maintain the website; the more space you’ll occupy. Therefore, it’s necessary to the check plan of maximum metered bandwidth to cover the sudden traffic.

Frequent Downtime

I know you don’t want to hear the term called downtime, right?

Ok, similarly, you have to update your website with the best web hosting plans to eliminate the downtime of the website.

If your website is continuously facing downtime then this will increase the bounce rate of the website.

Inadequate Security Practices

Every web hosting provider aims to offers 100% maximum security to protect your website. A scenario of the website gets changed if your website is attack by hackers.

However, security of website also includes easy methods of having backups for your data.

This will keep your website’s data secure in the event of a disaster or hacked by hackers then you can easily restore your website’s data quickly without lossing much traffic.  

We also provide SSL certificates and DDoS attack protection to protect your website.

You can use it to protect your website and our support team is available 24*7*365 days via chat, email and phone to guide you.  

You can reach us anytime from anywhere.

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Website Needs More Space

Website also needs a space on a server to store your websites extra data like image and videos, etc.

Hence, it’s notice that website gets overloaded, if data is extending as your current hosting plan is not able to handle extra data.

Its fact that the longer you maintain your website, the more space is needed. Our web hosting plans are enough to handle your website sudden traffic or overloaded website data.

You can go through our plans to select the best suitable plan as your requirement.

Think out of box by opting for demo sites

When you’re planning to introduce a new things to your clients then it becomes a challenge to experiment new things to get a best results.

For this, you need a workspace with enough resources to experiment with new things or customization properly.

Further, you can consider our VPS virtual private server plans for customization purposes in which you can try out new things for your website or clients.

VPS would be a great choice to set up a small number of demo sites. In the future, you can switch to a reseller plan as per the requirement. Check our Hostripple’s reseller hosting plan to sign up easily.

You’re operating multiple websites for clients

Being a designer or developer, you must have started with shared hosting but in the future, you need to upgrade it to a reseller hosting plan.   

A Reseller Web Hosting plan makes your and your client’s websites more secure. Over there, you’ll get a separate cPanel for each member.

While login every client will have a separate cPanel along with separate resources also.  You can design your plans as per your need.

When one of your clients reaches their resource limit then only that client will face the restrictions, if you’re using a reseller plan.

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Ready to Upgrade?

Now, the ball is in your court.

Give priority to your business by making your online presence strong on the web.

If you’re planning to upgrade your web hosting account then it’s a good call.

You can select any plan for update purposes. Contact our sales and support team to know more about our web hosting plan.

Top 8 Symptoms To Know For Upgrading The Web Hosting Plan, Hostripples Web Hosting
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