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Know-How Dedicated Server Will Help Your Business

If your website traffic is increasing and your sites seem to have slower page loading time than it used to be, then its time to upgrade your hosting package. Plenty of other options are provided by a hosting provider such as upgraded shared hosting, or SSD hosting, or VPS hosting, you can choose any of them as per your requirement. But still, if your needs are not getting fulfilled by these options then there is one another best option i.e. Dedicated Server. If your business is totally online business and it is growing faster then there is no worry to switch on a dedicated server. A dedicated server is devoted exclusively to one client. Whether it is time for an upgrade or you are launching a new online business, there are several advantages of going the dedicated server route. 

Advantages of a dedicated server

Having your own dedicated server is good for your business. It eliminates and reduces the many problems such as server overcrowding and overloading, neighbors traffic slowing down your website, speed issue, data and security breach, technical issues and many more. While eliminating all these problems it also provides you full access to your server, due to which you can customize your server as per your needs and also you can use all resources exclusively.

Why e-commerce websites should be hosted on a dedicated server?

With the help of a dedicated server, your websites load faster and you will be avoiding many problems. A dedicated server will help the most for those who have a big corporate website as well as e-commerce websites. In an e-commerce website speed is a major factor that impacts on your website most. In such a case your website load time can affect your website ranking on search engines.

People are more likely to choose online shopping to save time. Now Just imagine if you are shopping online and the website taking lots of time to load a single page, it will definitely make you frustrated, nobody wants to shop on this kind of slow website. If your websites are slow then your potential buyer or customers will quickly move toward your competitors, and that is not good for any business. With a dedicated server, you can be able to eliminate this speed issue and also be able to increase your website performance with less downtime.

Server flexibility

The dedicated Server offers great flexibility. As we already know on a dedicated server you will get full access to your server with root-level shell access, through which you can configure your server for your websites. If you have any special needs or requirements that are not usually met by the capabilities of the shared server. For example, if you want to install any python based tool for your website on shared hosting environment, then it is not possible because you don’t have any root access or shell access also it not permitted by most of the hosting provider because lots of other websites are also hosted on the same server, the change you make may cause problems for them such as malfunctioning with possible downtime. But when you have a dedicated server then there is no problem to make any changes on the server, it is completely yours also you have root shell access to install or to work on any tool or scripts.

Secure Hosting platform for corporate organizations

The dedicated server can also be used by big corporations or companies to maintain their official websites because they provide good security. Security can become a major issue in a shared hosting environment. If any of the shared hosted websites get infected by malicious programs or by potential hackers then there are some chances that your website will also get infected. The hosting provider already takes preventive measures to avoid this kind of infections at their end, which are very much effective, But to make your website safer, especially when all your business is internet-based, you should not give it an opportunity to compromise it.

Maintaining IP reputation

A dedicated server also provides you a unique IP address having unique IP address has its own benefits. On a shared hosting server, you share your server’s IP address with many other website holders. If anyone of them is spamming or doing inappropriate work from there website then it can affect your website too, because if someone reports this kind of website then the IP address of that website gets blacklisted which is nothing but your shared server IP address. This degrades your IP reputation which ultimately affects your website ranking. But when you have your own unique IP address then this problem will not occur. You can manage your IP reputation on your own.


Having a dedicated server gives the online business handler more time to focus on the other important issues such as running their business. Having a dedicated server may cost you more money but It reduces other headaches and problems that result in downtime or customer frustration that cost money or lose money.

When you purchase a dedicated server from Hostripples, we will help you to manage a dedicated hosting account, also help you to maintain, updates, security, and software patches with 24*7*365 live support. This will help you to keep maintain your online business great.

Know-How Dedicated Server Will Help Your Business, Hostripples Web Hosting
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